C’mon, Ride the (Soul) Train

It’s Friday!

Here is an hour and 22 minutes of Soul Train to get your Friday morning going.  And there’s really no reason to stop at an hour and 22 minutes, either.  Put this bad boy on repeat and jam out all day long!

I’m proud to say that the creator of this Soul Train compilation is none other than my husband, Andrew.  Swooon.  He put this together to play during our wedding reception.  Trust me when I say it was a HUGE hit.  The (older) adults loved it because they had lived it and the younger crowd loved it because of the hairstyles, outfits, and dance moves.  It’s almost impossible to sit still while watching this video; you just can’t help but dance!


Yesterday morning I may or may not have overslept and had 20 minutes total to get ready for work.  It’s amazing that on a normal day, I”ll spend 2 hours getting ready before leaving the house, when clearly it can be done in 20 minutes.


I was still half asleep when I got to my desk, but some bulletproof coffee took care of that.

61914 bp coffee

(1 cup coffee, 1 tablespoon kerrygold butter, 1 teaspoon MCT oil, cinnamon, stevia)


I threw together a sandwich for lunch using a seemingly random assortment of leftovers, but the sum was greater than its parts, and I ended up with a high end, arguably gourmet  sandwich (5 out of 5 coworkers agreed).

61914 lunch

(Prosciutto, iceberg lettuce, heirloom tomato, and goat cheese on seedy whole grain bread)

Quick shout out to the heirloom tomato, which isn’t clearly visible in the photo above.  As we all know, tomatoes are technically part of the fruit family, but that fact had never been more evident than in this farmers’ market pick.  Not only was this a beautifully colorful gem of a tomato, but it tasted mellow and sweet.  Almost like a late-season plum, and with a similar texture.

61914 heirlooms

(I’d wear a dress in that print. And yes, I used all three of those knives.)

I basically rode the high of that sandwich well into the afternoon.

Obviously, there was fruit.

61914 pm fruit


I was debating between the gym and a home workout, but decided on a “homie” since I had 2 hours of So You Think You Can Dance to catch up on!  All day, I had been reading about how Wednesday’s episode of SYTYCD had received this season’s highest ratings so far, and I now understand why.  Atlanta was on fire.  So many talented male dancers, which is something I don’t say often.  I definitely had to rewind a couple of those auditions once or twice.

My elliptical workout went something like this:

“Ah, Yeah, Push it… To the Limit… On the Elliptical”

10 minutes elliptical

10 pushups

10 minutes elliptical

10 pushups

10 minutes elliptical

10 pushups

(It definitely wasn’t as intense as a gym workout would have been, but it was still light outside by the time I was finished, and I did 30 pushups. Kevin did zero pushups, so I consider myself the victor.)

61914 sam

(Kevin completing zero pushups)


Dinner was a huge batch of Kale Eggs.  I washed and chopped the biggest bunch of kale you’ve ever seen, heated some coconut oil in a pan, and sauteed as much kale as I could pack in.  A clove of crushed garlic really does make the dish, and also makes the apartment smell incredible.   Once the kale had wilted enough to fit a bit more comfortably in the pan, I added a couple eggs, hydroplaned some pecorino* (the parmesan cheese of the lactose free world) and BAM, scrambled kale eggs.

61914 kale tonage 61914 kale eggs

(Note to self: clear glass plates are not ideal for food photography… neither are scrambled eggs)

*Pecorino cheese is made from sheep’s milk, as opposed to cows’ milk, which is what parmesan is made of.  Most people who are lactose intolerant are really only unable to digest cows’ milk cheese.  Luckily, Sheep and goats’ milk cheeses are popping up all over the place these days.


bp coffee

(Mmmm bulletproof coffee: 1 cup coffee, 1 T kerrygold butter, 1 t MCT oil, cinnamon, stevia)

Did I mention that it’s Friday?!  Friday, guys, Friday!  Friday means that no matter what happens between now and the time I go to sleep, it’s okay because I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow.




Food for thought:  These 11 Charts Show Everything That’s Wrong With The Modern Diet (source: Business Insider)

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