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Good afternoon, world!

62314 beautry


Hope everyone’s Monday is moving right along with minimal weekend withdrawal.  I had a relatively pain-free wake up this morning, which I’m baffled by, considering the fact that I consumed well above the recommended level of sugar intake yesterday afternoon/evening.  All signs were pointing to a coma sleep with little to no chance of waking up on time.  I must still be riding a sugar high. More on that later…



Friday night, Andrew and I untangled our bikes from our building’s shared storage mess area, and made the 1.32 mile trek over to SouthEnd, a semi-new pizza and wine bar.  Rolling up, we were both surprised by how tiny and dark the restaurant looked, and with a couple people waiting outside, we knew we’d be in for a wait.  Right as we were trying to discretely decide whether or not to move on to Plan B, the owner walked right up and introduced himself.  He said it would be about 5 or 10 minutes before a table was ready, but he’d give us some complimentary wine to help pass the time.  SOLD.


(Endomondo activity tacker – cycling)

The place was, in fact, very dark and we actually ended up being asked if we’d mind sharing a high-top table with the other two guys who had been waiting when we first arrived.  Despite those two potential issues, the meal was completely wonderful, thanks in large part to SouthEnd’s unbeatable customer service.  Our waitress introduced herself (and asked for OUR names as well) and asked if we’d be drinking red or white. We said white and she immediately went to retrieve three bottles for us to sample.  Who does that?!  It was awesome. We shared an heirloom tomato & burrata appetizer along with one of their mouthwatering pizzas – also awesome.  By the end of the night, we had made friends with our table mates and went home feeling full and happy.



Even though we didn’t have a super late night Friday, plans to hit the gym Saturday morning were trumped by much needed sleep.


At noon, we both had appointments with the eye doctor, who dilated our eyes, rendering us essentially useless for the next few hours.   We stopped into FOOD for brunch, and the staff must have thought we were either junkies or movie stars because we were wearing our sunglasses inside, and when we did take them off, we were literally unable to make any sort of eye contact with anyone.  Nevertheless, we managed to run a few errands and end the day feeling fairly accomplished and productive.



62314 inside out cup

(By the way, Andrew taught me that you can turn a Styrofoam cup completely inside out by gradually, and carefully, pushing the base up through the top. Incredible.)

62314 cheesedinner

(Oh ya, and we had cheese for dinner.)


After a quick cup of coffee and a bite of fruit, we cashed in on Saturday’s gym rain check and drove over to LA Fitness to get our fit on.  Jump rope warm up,

62314 jumprope


…followed by some leg-centric strength training and a couple miles on the treadmill.  From there, we drove straight to the farmers’ market for our weekly fruit haul and however many vegetables we could afford with what leftover cash we had.  A review of the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market is coming soon…


After showering and eating breakfast, we drove to Andrew’s brother’s new house for a Housewarming BBQ.  We grilled, drank, watched some soccer, and dipped our feet in the pool.  Andrew’s 20-month-old nephew had us cracking up, as he double-fisted firecracker popsicles and made an epic, patriotic mess.

62314 donut


Oh, and we ate donuts.  BOY did we eat donuts.  Nevermind the fact that I try to limit grains whenever possible, I found out yesterday that if there is an old fashioned donut anywhere in sight, I will have to eat it.  Also that leftover half that’s hiding in the pink pastry box: I’ll probably have to eat that one, too.  Yikes.


Dinner was kale salad, in a weak attempt at donut redemption, but let’s be real, the damage had been done.


The good news is that I’m currently on top of Motivation Mountain, looking forward to a donut-free week of clean eating and limited sugar consumption.  Wish me luck!


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