The Bold, Beautiful, and Bulletproof

Good morning,

Who else woke up and thought today was Saturday?  Everyone?  That’s what I thought.  We’re getting there, people.

62614 grand canyon

(Only the Grand Canyon separating us from Saturday! I jest.)

Quick recap of yesterday:


Wednesday got off to a slow start.  My early morning elliptical session was lackluster at best, and I didn’t feel truly awake until after my bulletproof coffee.


By now, you may have heard of bulletproof coffee, or “butter coffee”, as it’s currently making its way around the web.  The beverage has attracted both harsh critics and die-hard believers.  I’m currently somewhere in believer territory: I love it and drink it everyday, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.


Bulletproof Coffee (original recipe by Dave Asprey @ Bulletproof Exec)


1 c coffee (choose the highest quality coffee you can find)

1 T MCT oil (or coconut oil)

1 T organic, grass fed butter (this is crucial – do not include butter if it’s not organic & grass fed)

1 t cinnamon

1 packet stevia

1 t vanilla (optional)


Combine all ingredients and blend (or shake) for 30 seconds, or until frothy.

62614 coffee

I bring a mug containing MCT oil, butter, stevia, and cinnamon with me to work, and brew a cup of coffee in the office keurig.  Then I carefully pour the hot coffee into my mug, screw the top on, and shake it like crazy.

62614 bp coffee at work

It works well, and I look forward to it every morning, but at home on the weekends, I go all out and use the blender.

62614 blend

It takes longer to make than standard coffee, sure, but the results are amazing.  Thick, creamy, frothy. Yum.  Just make sure you have a stick of gum to chew after. 🙂



Can we talk about fruit for a second?

62614 cherriums

Before we know it, summer is going to be over and all the fruit is going to turn into one big mealy mess, so we must enjoy it while we can!  Here’s what I had yesterday:

62614 fruits for size

Nectarine – These have been the best of the stone fruit family, consistently, this season.  Both white and yellow nectarines are SO GOOD right now.  Our farmers’ market fruit lady (Yvette) has been getting a special variety of “mango” nectarines that have been out of control.  I can’t even compare the flavor to anything because it’s basically better than any other flavor I’ve ever tasted, ever. Fruit of the Week Award, gold star.

(Fun fact: In typical nectarines, the flesh connected to the pit is a deep red color, but in a “mango” nectarine, it’s yellow.)

Cherrium – Cherry+Plum=Cherrium.  No joke, a cherrium is a cherry/plum hybrid.  It’s larger than a cherry, but has a similar pit, and the flesh tastes like a plum.

Cherries – I love when cherries are so dark red, they’re practically black. It’s a sure-fire sign that they’re going to be sweet.  No one has time for tart cherries – save those for puns.


Andrew loves it whenever I eat a perfectly ripe summer fruit and I launch into my speech about “Can you imagine what it would have been like to be a cave-person stumbling across this piece of incredible fruit, and you barely even know what a fruit is, but your evolutionary instincts tell you to eat it because it smells so freakin’ good and you do and you practically pass out because of how good it tastes, and you just start crying because this must be some godly omen for amazing things to come”.  But seriously.



I could have eaten 384 more “mango” nectarines, but the meal plan said Sweet Potato & Beet Hash, so that’s what we had.

 62614 hash

Sweet Potato Hash


2 medium sweet potatoes, chopped into cubes

4 medium beets, chopped

1/2 onion, diced

4 strips high quality bacon, chopped (optional, but not really)

S&P to taste, along with plenty of other seasonings (I used TJ’s Italian Herb Blend)



1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add sweet potatoes and cook 5 minutes. Remove and drain.

2. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook bacon pieces until almost done. Transfer bacon to a paper towel lined plate, but leave the bacon grease in the pan.  Add sweet potatoes and form a single layer (or close to it), let them sit for 5 minutes WITHOUT STIRRING (this is the key).  After 5 minutes, stir or flip potatoes in the pan and again, let sit for 5 minutes without stirring.  Continue this for 10-15 minutes or until potatoes are crispy.

3. In another smaller skillet over low-medium heat, add onion and beets and saute 8-10 minutes.

4. Transfer onions, beets, and bacon to sweet potato skillet and let cook 3-5 more minutes over low heat.

5. Top your hash with a fried egg, or serve over a bed of greens. Enjoy!

62614 hash2




Anyone in LA right now will tell you that this has been the gloomiest June we’ve had in a while.  No complaints here, I’m perfectly fine with sub-par weather during the week while I’m stuck inside.  But maybe we can scrounge up a little sun for this weekend?

62714 soccer

(First time I’ve turned my desk TV on all year.  I’m even thinking about taking it off mute… Come on USA!)




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