This Fruit is on Fire

Good afternoon! One day down, only four to go.

Looking back over my day yesterday, which was a pretty standard Monday, the thing that stood out above ALL else was… fruit. Seriously!

61614 fruit

Look at those beauties. (Watermelon pluot and donut peach.)


Yesterday started with an early morning elliptical session, which wasn’t much fun at the time, but totally worth the feeling of accomplishment I had for the rest of the day.  A shower and a cup of hot lemon water later, I was ready for the day and out the door for work.


Lunchtime snuck (sneaked is more correct, but too weird)  up on me, so around 12:45pm I put together some (not) overnight oats.  This is easily my favorite lunch, likely because it tastes more like dessert.


61614 lunch

1/3 cup GF oats

Spoonful of plain greek yogurt

Spoonful of Sunflower seed butter

Handful of pumpkin seed granola


After lunch, Andrew and I went for our usual 1.25 mile walk.  For those of you who don’t know, Andrew and I work together (well, not together, but in the same building).  I can see how working with your spouse would not “work” so well for everyone, but I’m so happy I get to work with mine!


Around 3pm, I met Andrew in the break room for a fruit party.  All of yesterday’s fruit was AMAZING.  Watermelon pluots are always great – consistently sweet and never too tart, not to mention beautiful coloring on the inside – but the donut peach stole the show.  It was uber sweet and the perfect soft consistency.

61614 3pm fruit snack

(Watermelon pluot)


After work, rather than snacking on chips and salsa, I made deviled eggs. Because deviled eggs are amazing. And delicious.

61614 after work snack



They’re also very filling, so we kept dinner simple and made some lettuce wraps with ground turkey.


  61614 dinner p1 61614 dinner p2 61614 dinner p4

(Onions, tomatoes, peppers, ground turkey, GF soy sauce, Hoison sauce)

The filling was delicious, thanks in huge part to the hoison sauce. You could put that on just about anything and it would taste good.  I’m sure it’s a sugar party, but I chose not to look.  I have yet to master the art of lettuce wrapping, however, so I ended up with more of a lettuce mash.

After dinner, I relaxed on the couch and watched American Ninja Warrior until it was time for bed.  The participants on that show are beasts, and just watching them wore me out!


Question: Any tips for wrapping with lettuce?  Maybe iceberg isn’t the way to go?

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