We Need to Talk About Kevin

Hello happy campers!

Why are we happy? Because it’s Thursday! And Thursday basically rounds up to Friday, which is basically the weekend!

Usually by the time Wednesday rolls around, I start to feel like the weekend is within reach and things aren’t so bad. Yesterday was not one of those Wednesdays. Yesterday felt loooooong.


Woke up early and hit the elliptical to get a head start on my step goal for the day. The default step goal for Fitbit is 10,ooo steps/day, but I recently decreased my goal to 8,000.  Porque?

Porque I got sick of missing my goal 90% of the time. I knew it was unlikely I’d hit my goal, so I wouldn’t even try.   I know that 8k is doable (even though it takes an extra walk or elliptical session) so I’m more inclined to push for it.  And ever since setting that 8k goal, I’ve been hitting it.  Not every day, but my daily average is definitely higher than it used to be.



Lunch was the usual…

61814 lunch

(Overnight oats, banana, plain greek yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and granola)

…Followed by an afternoon walk and some green tea.  I added “Drink green tea” to my Lift app, not because I’m super gung ho about the (legitimate) health benefits of green tea, but more as an effort to make myself like tea more so that one day I can maybe drink less coffee.  We’re maybe kinda sorta getting there…

Lift, by the way, is a great habit-building app that I rely on daily to meet various goals like: drink more water, take walks during the day, breathe deeply, and eat “something green” (that’s seriously one of my goals), but you can set goals for just about anything you’d like to do more often/on a daily basis.

Throughout the day as you hopefully accomplish your goals, you get to check them off your list.  For a list-lover like me, this is immensely satisfying.  The idea behind Lift is that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so the app (and the joy of crossing things off your list)  helps reinforce your goals – at least for 21 days.  You can set (or disable) alerts if you need extra reminders, but I’ve found them to be unnecessary.

Around 3:30pm, I took a fruit break for some OUTSTANDING stone fruit.  I swear I don’t get riled up easily, but I DO get riled up about fabulous fruit.

61814 pm fruit

The “Crimson Heart” pluot was sweet and juicy, but almost impossible to slice because it was so eager to explode.  Both the nectarine and donut peach were insane.  Flawless.  We actually haven’t had any “duds” yet this season with either donut peaches or nectarines (although there was that one rogue yellow peach…).  Here’s hoping that trend continues.

Eventually, the work day ended and Andrew and I made our way home to see the Kevins.  Who are the Kevins?

It’s time to talk about Kevin(s).


Meet Kevin and Kevin, our two ridiculous cats. Technically, their names are Sam Cooke (left) and Al Green (right), but whenever they’re being jerks we call them both Kevin.  Sorry to all the Kevins out there, but Kevin is just a perfect jerk name. And it’s easily yelled, like so.  So more often than not (basically all the time), they’re “The Kevins”.

Sometimes they’re cute…

IMG_20130824_215404 IMG_20130824_215530

    IMG_20130630_162428 sam and chicken

But mostly, they’re jerks.


Here’s to a jerk-free Thursday!


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