A good start to a LONG weekend

There’s so much I want to share about my whirlwind weekend!  Let’s start with Thursday afternoon.

70714 graffiti

Typically, when there’s a long weekend, my office will close early the Friday (or in this case, Thursday) before.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this policy.  It’s such a welcome bonus on top of an already amazing extra day off.  Three days away from the office is great, but for some reason 3 and a half days feels like a long time away.

Andrew and I left the office at noon and had big plans to make the most of our free afternoon.  I picked up a new pair of glasses, which sadly I need to return.  I like the frames, but the prescription just isn’t right.  I feel like I’m in a fishbowl and get a headache after wearing them.  Bummer.

70714 glasses

Next stop was House of Hardwood.  One of Andrew’s hobbies happens to be building incredible furniture.  The first thing he made was a beautiful shoe rack that doubles as a bench in our entry way.  Then he went on to build a matching two-part coffee table, entertainment unit, garden tool hub for the patio, Christmas tree stand, cat house, makeup table for a friend, and this modular desk.  And he’s completely self taught. I’m a lucky girl. 🙂

Since starting this blog, I’ve been photographing food on our tiny wood cutting board and mentioned that it would be nice to have something bigger.  Andrew heard the word ‘wood’ and offered to whip something up.  So we stopped by the wood store and found a scrap of beautiful walnut that Andrew planned to stain and turn into a functional cutting board.  And then right as we were checking out we spotted pre-cut raw wood cutting boards, so we grabbed one of those too.

70714 new cutting board

Next stop was Samy’s Camera.  So far, all the pictures I’ve posted on this blog have been taken on my Android phone.  For a phone, I’d say they are pretty decent pictures, but I’m slowly exploring the idea of purchasing a nicer camera.  I wanted to talk to someone in a store to get an idea of which direction to go.  I saw some Canons that looks good, but a little over the top for a photography beginner like me.  So, unless I can find a used camera for a really great deal on Craigslist or Amazon, I think I’ll stick to the “research phase” for a while longer.  And if anyone has any suggestions for a user friendly camera (I’m leaning toward and SLR as opposed to a point and shoot), please leave a comment below!

Finished with our errands, we had finally worked up an appetite and walked to Earl’s on Venice for a couple sandwiches.  I love Earl’s and we eat there easily once a month on our way to the farmers’ market, but my only complaint is that they close at 4pm.  They would get so much more business from us if they stayed open for dinner, at least on weeknights.

70714 earls

A couple funny sights on our walk home:

70714 graffiti

Jazzy graffiti on Venice Blvd.  I can’t look at it too long, but the colors draw me in.

70714 take a book

Take a book, leave a book.  I love this idea.  Although, who carries an old book around to leave in random sidewalk libraries?

70714 Fit and Pregnant

Tempted to grab “Fit and Pregnant”, but decided to leave it for someone else. Maybe some day…


Sam couldn’t even be bothered to greet us at the door when we got home.  Oh the life of a cat… lazing in the sun all day, every day.

70714 kevin

Dinner was leftovers: zucchini, brussels sprouts, and salad.  We needed to clear out the fridge for our weekend away.

Not bad for a photo taken on my phone.
Not bad for a photo taken on my phone.

And to finish off our half-day, we walked down to Cherry on Top for some frozen yogurt.  I didn’t have my camera on me, but I had a combo of strawberry shortcake & peanut butter froyo with mochi on top.  Mochi, for the record, is THE BEST topping out there.  It’s a neutral flavor that can work with anything, and it’s chewy but not the type of chewy that gets hard when it comes in contact with cold froyo (I’m looking at you, gummy bears).


Now I’m off to work for the dreaded “Monday After a Long Weekend”.  Wish me luck!


Question: What was your ‘starter’ camera?  Would you buy the same one if you had to do it again?

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