For the Love of Coffee (& Sunflower Seed Butter)

Good morning!

Anyone in LA can tell you that it has been HOT lately.  Yesterday morning started with a sweaty 15 minutes on the elliptical followed by some stretching.

A new shipment of bulletproof coffee had arrived, so I had some packing and freezing to do. Yes, a 5 lb bag of coffee is a ridiculous amount. But the savings!

70914 big bag

Really though, the savings. The last 5lb bag of this coffee lasted me 7 months.  And don’t they say a full freezer runs more efficiently??

70914 coffee bagged

Around noon, I had some overnight oats with a banana for lunch.

70914 overnight oats

1/3 c oat muesli mix (oats, chia seeds, hazelnuts, dried berries, sliced almonds), 1/4 c water, spoonful of plain greek yogurt, spoonful of sunflower seed butter, pinch of salt


Speaking of sunflower seed butter! I’m one step closer to making my own.  Remember my two sunflowers, whose life cycles I’ve been chronicling like a crazy cool person?  Well once both flower heads had started to shrivel, Andrew and I snipped them off, bagged them, and hung them to dry on the patio.  The bags keep out moisture and catch the seeds as they fall.  You can find a beautifully illustrated guide on how to harvest sunflower seeds here.

70814 sunny seeds

Once we’ve collected all the seeds, we’ll be able to make the most organic, artisinal, single-source, shade-grown, heirloom sunflower seed butter anyone has ever seen.

70914 seeds


Mid-afternoon, Andrew and I met in the break room to cut up some fruit.

70914 fruit

A little later, I brought out leftover carrots, broccoli, and hummus from Tuesday’s lunch for a snack.

70914 snacks


Andrew and I each spent a few more minutes on the elliptical, while watching Jeopardy, after work.  Thanks to a couple categories about words and language, I felt like I could have won the game last night.  Andrew and I actually have tickets to see a live taping of Jeopardy in a couple months. I hope I don’t accidentally shout out all the answers!

Grilled cheese with tomato and bacon for dinner…

70914 grilled cheese

Yum.  And here are my fitbit stats for the day:

70914 fitbit

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.   🙂

70814 al


I have a cup of coffee just about everyday.  And I can pretty much say the same for sunflower seed butter.  (I’ve actually taken a jar of TJ’s sunflower seed butter on vacation with me before. And yes, it was our honeymoon.)  What’s something you could eat everyday?

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