Fruity Tuesday

Hello, Tuesday.

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Putting the obvious reality aside that we are still a far cry from Friday, I think Tuesday might be my favorite day of the work week (Friday is basically a weekend in my mind).  Tuesday is the day when motivation is high and things seem to be running smoothly.  It takes most of Monday to get back into the groove of things and recalibrate after an indulgent weekend.  When Andrew and I sit down to map out the upcoming week’s meal plan and gym schedule, we don’t even humor the idea of going to the gym on a Monday.  No matter how motivated we feel while we’re in plan-making-mode, we have never once gotten home from work Monday evening and said “Let’s hit the gym!”  Instead we learned the hard way, back when we used to schedule Monday as a gym day, that 3 out of 3 Monday gym dates will get cancelled.  Yes, it took 3 weeks to figure that out, but I digress.

Tuesday is the day I show up to work with a full lunch packed (nothing forgotten), I’m up to speed on my work projects and dive in with above average productivity levels.  After work, I’m ready to get sweaty, and I know I can expect the gym to be way less crazy than it is on a Monday.  Tuesday dinners are quick and easy, because the meal plan was designed that way.  And I rarely crave after-dinner dessert because I’ve probably had too much birthday dessert the past 3 days anyway.

And we can all agree the rest of the week just drags on until the weekend.  Wednesday still feels way too close to Monday and way too far from Friday.  And while Thursday offers a glimmer of weekend hope, it passes so slowly, and you still have to cook dinner after it all!  Yes Tuesday is a day I can get behind.  With all that said, let’s take a quick peak at yesterday’s highlights:

The period of time from my alarm going off at 6:30am up until noon was pretty much a sleepy blur, but some delicious raspberry overnight oats with sunbutter and granola woke me right up.

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The farmers’ market is STILL delivering with its California peaches, nectarines, and pluots.  Although tragically, the peaches we bought at this week’s market somehow sank to the bottom of the bag and so most of them came away with some pretty serious bruising.  What can you do?  #fruithappens  And even after spending close to $20 on stone fruit at the farmers’ market, I couldn’t resist buying cherries at Trader Joe’s.  Have I mentioned I love fruit?

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A fun little cup of dark chocolate covered almond bits – Trader Joe’s carries THE best treats and snacks.

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Right before leaving work, I was starting to feel hungry again, and have learned from experience that it’s best to fend off the after-work hunger before it officially sets in.  Apparently, after-work-hungry-Amy is not super fun.  I keep emergency snacks on hand for this very reason.

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I’m a fan of KIND bars.  There are so many flavors!  The sugar content is higher than I’d like, but in my mind, a KIND bar is a better choice than the mountain of chips and salsa I would probably have had if I waited until getting home to have a snack.

Elliptical during Jeopardy, stretching during Wheel (of Fortune).  Standard.

Dinner was a foil party.  We reheated some of Sunday night’s roasted potatoes in the toaster oven to dip in hummus while cooking.  Then we filled foil pouches with red snapper, olive oil, herbs and spices for steam grilling, which were accompanied by a couple ears of corn… also wrapped in foil.

72114 foil dinner

This truly all happened by coincidence, but it made cleanup a breeze.  Other than our practically cleaned plates, there were literally no dishes to do.

72114 red snapper

A note about red snapper… Don’t get me wrong, the health benefits of fish are great, and trying new types of fish is great, but Andrew and I agreed we probably wouldn’t choose red snapper again in the future.  It was pretty bland, even with tons of spices, and the texture was just a bit too rubbery.  I know not all fish can be as easy and delicious as salmon, but I feel like this red snapper didn’t even try.  Of course, with our CommunitySeafood subscription, each week’s catch is the luck of the draw, so theoretically we could get snapper again.  If that happens maybe we’ll make snapper salad sandwiches. 🙂


Question: What’s your favorite day of the week, other than Friday?

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