Home Workout: Cardio + Arms

Good morning,

As I mentioned yesterday, I had an ugly bout of food poisoning late last Thursday night, but after work and before that whole mess happened, I managed to complete a great home workout that I wanted to share.

Before I get to that, here’s a quick recap of yesterday:

Woke up early and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Washed my new short hair for the first time – so weird! Hot water with lemon before driving to work, where I had my daily cup of bulletproof coffee.

71414 bp coffee


Lunch was classic overnight oats in an almost empty jar of sunflower seen butter.

71014 oats

Speaking of sunflowers, this past weekend, Andrew and I walked past the biggest sunflowers I have ever seen.  The flowers were bigger than Andrew’s head and the stalks (I don’t think you can call them stems anymore) were as thick as PVC pipes.

71314 mega sunny

It was quite a sight to see.  These sunflowers made ours look tiny.  Speaking of our sunflowers… we’ve officially harvested all the seeds from our two big bloomers.


71314 removing the seeds

(Note: the seeds do need to be roasted for about 30 mins before being eaten.)

71314 seed pile




Last night’s home workout was a repeat of one I formulated last week.  It  incorporates cardio and targets arms.

I used our elliptical for my cardio during the workout, but any type of cardio would work (jogging in place, jumping jacks, jump rope!).  Basically any continuous movement that gets your heart rate up and gets your blood pumping will do.

The arm portion of the workout was inspired by Pumps & Iron. I used 3 lb weights, but feel free to try 5 lbs if you’re up for a challenge.  You’ll need an interval timer (12 rounds of 20 seconds) to complete this portion.  I used this timer that I found online.

Cardio + Arms (approx. 1 hour)

10 mins elliptical

10 pushups

10 mins elliptical

10 pushups

3x P&I “Upper-Body Hand Weight Workout”

10 mins elliptical

10 pushups

10 mins elliptical

10 pushups



Dinner was pan seared red snapper that we received through our Community Seafood subscription.  We dipped the rinsed fish in a shallow dish of breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese, and seasonings…

71414 bread crumbs


Then sauteed over medium heat on each side for about 3-4 minutes.

71414 saute


It was light, flaky and perfectly cooked.  Without the breading though, I think it would have been a little bland.

After dinner, we made a quick trip to Cherry on Top for some frozen yogurt 🙂

71414 froyo

I got a mix of Strawberry Shortcake and Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel (yeah) with mochi on top.  Great combo! Andrew, on the other hand, pretty much put every flavor and every topping into his cup.


Kevin and Kevin gave us quite a look when we got home.  Note Sam’s bow-tie.

71414 kevins


Hope your Tuesday is going well so far!



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