Just a 14″ trim, please

I did it, I chopped off 14″ of my hair and lived to tell about it.  But more on that in a minute…


71214 hair

First, a quick weekend recap


Here’s a picture of the salad that put me out of commission for about 18 hours, starting late Thursday night.  I took my first sick day of the year on Friday.

71014 salad

Unfortunately, this was a “use up all the leftovers” salad, so any one of about 11 ingredients could have been the culprit of my stomach issues.


Luckily, by Saturday morning I was feeling back to normal,  just in time for a serious session with my trainer, Michelle.

71214 jumprope

Because of my work schedule during the week, I’m only able to workout with Michelle on the weekends, but with Michelle, that’s plenty.  She will make you feel the burn!  She likes to focus on a set of about 5 or 6  killer moves and just repeat them Tabata style until our half hour is over.

After the gym, Andrew and I stopped for smoothies and an impulse buy:

71214 smoothie

I’m a sucker for tiny things, and organizational items.  So it’s no surprise that these tiny, organizational items ended up in my basket.  After a quick shower, it was time to head out the door for the big haircut.

A quick “before” pic:

71214 before


Sitting in Cristiano’s chair at the salon, I was feeling remarkably zen about the fact that I was about to chop off a huge amount of hair. It helped that Cristiano was a huge sweetheart who kept checking in to make sure I was doing okay.

71214 nervous71214 long

Cristiano was so excited to have complete creative freedom with my cut.  He said it’s rare that he gets someone wanting (and willing) to make a dramatic change.  Most of his clients just want a trim.

71214 14 inches

Well, I definitely got more than just a trim.  That’s 14″ right there that I’ll be donating to Locks of Love.  The minimum requirement at Locks of Love is 10″, but I had a backup charity in mind that will accept 8″ of hair, just in case 10″ would have given me a pixie cut.  Turns out I had more hair than even I realized.  I hope these 14″ help create one rockin’ wig for a little girl who needs it.

Almost done…

71214 almost done

Tada!  The “after” pic:

71214 after

I am quite pleased.  Cristiano did an amazing job.  I actually liked the look of my hair short from the moment he chopped off my pony tail, and it only got better from there, as he cleaned it up.  I still have zero idea what I’m going to do with it at the gym… Suggestions are welcome!


After stocking up on fruits at the farmers’ market, Andrew and I drove over to Silverlake to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday with a big picnic.  It was a beautiful day with friends, family, and good food.  How was your weekend?


71314 al

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