Making the Cut

Happy Friday!!

I am ready for the weekend.  But I’m also… not ready for the weekend.   You see, I’m about to do something that’s both terrifying and exciting: I’m about to chop off all my hair.  Well, at least 10 inches of it.  That’s the minimum requirement to be donated to Locks of Love.

70714 long hair

My hair has gotten really long.  I can spare 10 inches of it, maybe even 12, but I’m still nervous.  I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember.  The last time it was short must have been in middle school, and that cut was not cute (think bowl cut with straight across bangs).  Sidenote: I just found out it’s “bowl cut”, not “bull cut”.  Good to know.

So why cut off all my hair?  Other than to help create wigs for little girls with cancer?  Well for one, it’s been HOT lately, and I’m basically wearing a hair-scarf all the time.  It also takes me about 15 minutes to blow-dry my hair in the mornings, which is not fun in this heat.  But I think I’m also just a little bit bored.   Plus, I know I can always grow it right back out again if I don’t like it short.

I know I want to keep some side bangs, and layers.  I think layers are the key to avoiding that triangle shape you can get with short hair.  But other than that, I’m planning to relinquish all control to “Cristiano” and hope for the best.

Question for people with short hair, what do you do with it when you go to the gym??


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