Monday, 7/28: A Weekend Recap in Pictures

It’s officially the last week of July.  We are more than half-way through 2014.  We might as well be drafting our new years’ resolutions and preparing our taxes.  But before we all get started on that, let’s recap the weekend with some a ton of pictures.



Friday was great, good dinner at Akasha, loved it, blah blah blah, I forgot to take any pics.


Saturday started with a training session at LA Fitness (it was good, but all I want to do these days is take Zumba classes!).


(…And jump rope.)

We resisted the urge to stop for smoothies at Rainbow Acres, and instead made breakfast sandwiches at home.

Two fried eggs with a slice of goat cheddar on seedy multigrain bread

Saturday afternoon, Andrew and I spent a couple hours at the Westfield Century City mall.  Andrew needed some new work clothes and we both needed 15 minute massages in the Brookstone massage chairs.


In true fruit-loving form, I think my favorite purchase from the shopping trip was fruit: 3 mangos and a papaya from Gelsons, which we hit on our way out.


And of course, we dug right into the fruit as soon as we got home. I’m guilty of doing that with all fruit purchases, especially when it smells and feels really ripe.  Berries rarely make it all the way to the refrigerator.

After driving to and from the mall, we retired the car for the weekend and walked to Alibi Room for dinner (and drinks).



Sunday Brunch was a perfect opportunity to use some of our mangos.  I made Mango Surprise Pancakes for Andrew and myself, recipe coming soon – it was quick and easy!

After breakfast, we walked to the farmers’ market and came home with quite a stash.

Bowl full of peaches
Twelve pluots
Twelve pluots
Rainbow bell peppers
Rainbow bell peppers
Tomatoes, eggs, onion, broccoli
Tomatoes, eggs, onion, broccoli

We actually got caught in a little rain on our walk to the Farmers’, and had to duck into CVS for a few minutes.  When we got home, we had some thunder(!), which Andrew and I both LOVED.  Any real weather is so rare in LA, we get overly excited at the first sight of anything unusual.  The Kevins, however, were less than thrilled:

A look of pure terror
Sheer terror
Startled, to say the least
Startled (hahaha)

Sadly, the thunder was also short-lived, and before we knew it, the skies were back to beautiful blue and birds were chirping.


We had another Community Seafood “catch of the day” to pickup. This week’s catch was yellow tail tuna.  We grilled our half pound fillet with a little S&P and nothing else.  Alibi leftovers on the side.

Couldn’t help stopping by Wheel House on the way back from our fish pick up.  We were easily talked into a goat brie from Oregon, which was creamy and delicious on a fresh loaf of bread from Red Bread.


All of these places – Alibi Room, Wheel House, Red Bread – are within walking distance to our apartment.  We love Mar Vista, but our location in particular, could not be better.  And on top of that, we have neighbors that we really like.  It’s unheard of.  Mar Vista is the new Silverlake – you heard it here first!

The last item on Sunday’s agenda was Trader Joe’s, which is always a good time because it’s Trader Joe’s and they know what they’re doing.


The last few weeks, I’ve started spending more and more time at the sample counter.  Last week, I discovered the little courtesy coffee station, and as a regular decided that yes, I would like an adorable tiny cup of joe to sip while I shop.  And this week I realized that I no longer have a problem shamelessly loitering while the guy working the sample counter prepares the next batch.  I used to at least browse the surrounding area, or go retrieve some other items and check back.  Now I just stand and chat with the guy until the mini sliders are ready.

Fun and unnecessary treats for the road
Fun and unnecessary treats for the road

A very pleasant weekend all around.  What’s your style at the sample station?  Do you blatantly linger or do you swoop in and out undetected?  Share your strategy in the comments 🙂



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