Not Sure if You Heard… It’s Friday

Can we talk about NATURE for a second?

71714 nature

How beautiful is this? This unfiltered gem of a multi-flower-super-sprout BURST out of Andrew’s succulent corsage that we planted after our wedding.  It went from this:


To this:


To this:

to this

And check out this tiny tree that sprouted out of a crack in our driveway. It’s FLOURISHING.


That’s nature for you: always flaunting its beauty right in the middle of a dumpy driveway.  Here’s the same tree a week earlier:tree baby


Last night I had the house to myself, so I sort of spaced out my workout over the course of the entire evening.   I started with a half hour on the elliptical right after work – it was a rough day so I had some aggression to get out!  By the end, I was tired and thought I might call it a cardio-day and be done with it.  But after tidying up a bit, I decided to add some arms.  Using a set of 5 lb free weights, I completed the following circuit 3 times:

15 Overhead shoulder presses

15 Bicep curls

15 Lat extensions

15 Tricep dips


After that, I was ready for some dinner, and for some reason I had eggs on the brain.  Maybe you weren’t expecting a close up of an egg salad sandwich on this particular Friday afternoon, but it was really great.  I had a great egg salad sandwich for dinner and I’m not afraid to blog about it.

71714 egg salad

After dinner, I watched So You Think You Can Dance, which per usual, inspired me to get a little more exercise in during the commercials.  I recently ripped out an interesting-looking workout from Self magazine, so I decided to give that a try.

Basically, it was a total-body workout choreographed to a set of popular songs.  Each song had a corresponding move (or set of moves) to repeat for the duration of the song.  I only tried out three of the songs last night, but they were so fun!  The three I did were:

Cups – Anna Kendrick

71714 cups


Flower – Moby

71714 moby


Ugly Heart – G.R.L.

71714 ugly heart

I loved all three, but Flower in particular.  Talk about a great squat workout!  I’ll definitely try out the rest next time I do a home workout.


Ok people, I’m sending you off with a couple of this week’s best links from around the web:

1.  Humans of New York  always offers up perspective and inspiration.  THIS  entry in particular made me smile.

2.  Bored of cooking the same old vegetable dishes over and over?  Look no further.

And just because…71614 sam

Have a fabulous Friday.





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