Restaurant Week(end) in LA

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Does anyone else feel like it was JUST Friday? Where exactly did the weekend go? I feel cheated!  Let’s rewind to Friday, and see how much of my weekend I can piece together using my phone’s camera roll… First impressions: my weekend consisted primarily of booze and brunch.

dinner prep

Accurate.  Friday night Andrew and I met up with some friends for happy hour at Gravlax, one of Mar Vista’s newer bars. It’s a no-frills, fisherman’s tavern type of place, with beautiful raw wood tables. They only have a “cold kitchen” though, so no hot food – think hummus, olives, lox, etc.  Back in college, hummus and olives would have easily gotten me through an entire evening of drinking, but now as an adult who likes to treat her body with respect, I need something a little more substantial if I’m going to move past the 2 drink mark.


After a couple glasses of wine, we walked across the street to Corner Door, which happened to be participating in DineLA’s Restaurant Week.  Restaurant Week is a great opportunity for people to try new bars and restaurants that would typically be out of their price range.  For either $25, $35, or $45 (depending on the restaurant), diners can get a prix-fixe tasting of the restaurants’ best dishes.

Andrew and I love Corner Door, and don’t need any excuses to eat there, but we ordered 3 tastings to split between 4 people, and it was the perfect amount of food for a really great price.   All in all, a fun night.


Saturday morning started with a lively Zumba class at LA Fitness.  It was my second time doing Zumba, but it will not be my last.  I was luke warm about my first Zumba experience because the teacher was seriously lacking rhythm, but Saturday’s instructor was amazing.  She made the class so much fun.


Smoothies from Rainbow Acres and errands around town, including a stop at Sports Chalet, pretty much filled our day.

Saturday night, we walked to Paiche, another restaurant participating in Restaurant Week.  We had a lovely dinner of Peruvian tapas.  Lots of interesting flavors and combinations.

We walked SO MUCH on Saturday.  More than surpassed my fitbit goals:


Sunday started and ended with great meals.


Andrew and I can never finish an entire baguette before it becomes stale, so we’ll slice up the remainder and keep the pieces in the freezer because…


Slightly stale slices of baguette happen to make perfect mini french toasties!


We hit the farmers’ market and did some work around the house during the day.


And had BBQ chicken drumsticks with roasted garlic & rosemary potatoes for dinner.


A couple of the peaches we got at the farmers’ market developed some serious bruising on the walk home, and needed to be eaten ASAP.  We decided to make individual peach cobbler crisps because honestly what else would one do in that situation?


Andrew had an idea to crush up a frozen pie crust for the base and topping, with diced fruit (the 2 damaged white peaches, a few raspberries, and a spoonful of brown sugar) in the middle.  It worked brilliantly. No recipe, no problem.


How was your weekend?


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