The Circle of (a Sunflower’s) Life

I learned something fun today!  Or rather, I “put the pieces together” on something I should have figured out a long time ago.  Let’s talk sunflower seeds.

 70314 sunnies

This may be common knowledge, but until today, I never knew exactly where sunflower seeds came from.  This is surprising based on how much sunflower seed butter I consume (TJ’s, please never discontinue it).

A couple months back, when Andrew and I planted 3 tiny sunflower seeds on our patio, we had no idea whether or not they would even sprout.  Well, two of the three more than sprouted; they grew to be tall and beautiful, and now they’re entering into the final phase of their life cycle – and I find it fascinating.

70314 first bloom

When our two sunflowers first bloomed, they both looked like picture perfect sunflowers, textbook realness.

70314 pretty 62514 sunny

The bigger of the two, which happens to be “aging” more quickly, started to widen around the center…

70314 ol sun

70314 younger

This was when things started getting interesting…

62514 sunflower closeup

…And the question of where sunflower seeds come from first crossed my mind.  The little pockets that are starting to pop out from the center of the larger flower seemed to be the right size and shape. And so we googled.

70314 closeup sunny

Well, what do you know!  Those little guys are totally going to be sunflower seeds once this flower’s short little life comes to an end.

70314 flower


Sadly, that day may be coming sooner rather than later.  But then we’ll have plenty of new seeds to plant! It’s the circle of life!!

70314 let the sun shine


Have a great day!


Question: What’s something obvious that you didn’t know about until late(r) in life?


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