Throw Back Thursday: Vacation Mode

Throwing it back to Mexico, earlier this year…

TBT mexico

Specifically, Playa del Carmen for my brother-in-law’s wedding.  So many great memories from that trip, like…

Afternoon tea on the zen terrace…

tea time

Swimming in the perfectly calm and warm Atlantic Ocean…


Hiking Coba’s ruins (and realizing how afraid of heights I am, only after reaching the very top)…


Interesting souvenirs…


And generally having an amazing time with this cutie.


Can we take another vacation yet?  Next month?? Okay, great!


Back to reality…  Here’s a quick rundown of yesterday’s eats:


Oats for lunch (purple, thanks to the frozen blueberries)

71614 oats

Two cups of fruit for an afternoon snack (everything was soo ripe and juicy yesterday)

71614 double fruit

After work chips and salsa

71614 chips and salsa

BBQ chicken and zucchini for dinner

71614 dinner

And some quality time with THIS guy

71614 al

I’ll be back a little later with a colorful recipe to share!



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