What I Ate Wednesday #3: Day of Detox

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This morning’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday is brought to us by Kevin:



I’m still getting the hang of my new hair, so my morning routine has been thrown off a little bit.  I didn’t have my mug of hot water with lemon until I got to work around 9:00am.

71514 lemon water

And I didn’t prepare any bulletproof coffee yesterday morning because I had set a coffee date with my intern.  Unfortunately, when I got to work, my boss pulled me into an urgent project, so I had to cancel my coffee date (and breakfast).  It’s rare for me to go a day without coffee… Dare I declare it a #DayofDetox??


Despite having plenty of emergency snacks on hand, I surprisingly wasn’t hungry until lunchtime.  On my lunch break, I needed to run an errand, so I picked up a Deconstructed Cobb salad from FOOD next door.

71514 salad

Couldn’t pass up one of their gluten free oatmeal cookies.

71514 gf cookie

Around 4:00pm, the fruit cravings kicked in, so I met Andrew in the break room to chop up a couple peaches and pluots.  On today’s fruit agenda: a Cotton Candy pluot, a yellow nectarine, and a white nectarine.  The yellow nectarine was the winner.

71514 fruit



Last night’s trip to the gym was my first with short hair.  A ponytail was out of the question, so I did my best to pin the front layers out of my face.

71514 gym hair

All six bobby pins stayed in place during my jump rope warm up, but halfway through my workout (leg day) my head started sweating and things were starting to look a little crazy up top.  I tried a headband with teeth during my run, but even that wasn’t perfect and didn’t help with the hair and sweat on my neck.  I’ll try a sweatband next time, but I might invest in one of these for the future.  NOT that it’s a beauty contest at the gym, but still…


For dinner, I made a Summer Farro Salad (recipe coming soon).

71514 farro bowl

Two hours of Extreme Weight Loss later, it was time for bed!


Questions: What’s something healthy you ate today?  And has anyone ever tried one of those non-slip headbands??


As always, you can check out what others are eating for What I Ate Wednesday on Peas & Crayons.  Happy Eating!



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