What I Ate Wednesday #4

Hard to believe I’m already posting my 4th What I Ate Wednesday.  Also hard to believe how many of the same foods I eat week after week.  I guess I’m just consistent like that.  Or maybe it’s time to switch things up… hmmmmm.

Yesterday’s breakfast was a soy latte from the cafe downstairs.  And as usual, whenever I don’t bring my own coffee and plan to grab some at work, I end up being bombarded with urgent projects first thing in the morning that don’t let up until my stomach is fully grumbling.  Hectic mornings like that are rare; they just always happen to hit when I’m without coffee.  The lesson here is always be prepared (with coffee).

72214 coffee

For brunch lunch, I had overnight oats in an old jar of sunflower seed butter.  I threw in some raspberries and chia seeds, and sprinkled granola on top.

72214 oats

I also picked up some seaweed salad from another cafe on the Lot that has sushi on Tuesdays.  I was craving something green.

72214 seaweed salad

Later I shared a couple nectarines and a pluot with Andrew.  Cherries too.

72214 fruit

After work, I rushed to the gym in time for another Zumba class.  I’ve definitely gotten the dancing workout bug.  I completely hate loud pumping music in any type of club or bar setting, but I love it during a workout.  I used to take dance classes at various studios around LA from time to time, but a couple minor foot injuries kind of put that on hold.  Now that I’m injury-free (and no longer paying $175/month for bar method, I know, crazy), I’m out of excuses.  Do any LA people out there know of any good dance studios on the west side of town?  I really like taking class at The Edge, but it’s all the way up in Hollywood, which can easily become an hour-long traffic adventure if attempted at the wrong time of day.

Andrew and I made a Southwestern Cobb Salad for dinner.  It consisted of onion, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and crushed up tortilla chips on a base of TJ’s Power Greens.

72214 salad

It was a colorful feast. CORN! Corn is what we forgot. I knew there was something…

72214 feast

And what a great episode of Extreme Weight Loss! Ammmmiright?

Happy Wednesday!


Oh yeah… and this little guy might have snuck in there, too (chocolate covered almond bits, mmmm).

72214 treats

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