What is… What I Ate Wednesday #5?

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is uncharacteristically exciting for two reasons: I ate a lot of kale yesterday, and I went to a taping of JEOPARDY!

Andrew and I took the afternoon off work to cross another item off our LA Bucket List:


And we loved it.  We were sitting in the same section as all the potential contestants and their family members, so we felt even more emotionally involved.   Look for us October 2nd and 3rd!

Yesterday morning at work was unbelievably hectic.  That always seems to be the case when I’m trying to leave early!  Bulletproof coffee was my fuel.

72114 bp coffee

We stopped at LYFE Kitchen in Culver City for lunch before heading to Sony Studios for the taping.  I had the Kale Caesar salad (added grilled chicken) with an iced soy latte.  Andrew had the fish tacos with hibiscus/beet “lyfe water” that was potent but good.

72914 lunch

After Jeopardy, we drove home and shared a big pile of ripe fruit: mango, two pluots, and a white nectarine.

2014-07-29 16.32.16

Pre-dinner goat brie & wine. (This could have easily been my dinner.)


Last night’s dinner was kale eggs, one of the easiest things to make, but also one of my favorite dinners (not sure why I never make it for breakfast).  The garlic is the secret ingredient, it completely elevates the dish.

kale eggs

Tear up half a bunch of kale and saute in coconut oil over medium/high heat.  As the kale begins to turn bright green and shrink, add one minced clove of garlic.  Once the kale is dark green (and smells amazing), add 4 whisked eggs to the pan and scramble to your desired doneness.  Shave some Parmesan or pecorino cheese on top and enjoy! (Makes enough for 2)



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  1. I wish my hubby was enthusiastic about veggies as yours! Mine won’t touch eggs if they have anything green in them 🙁 Unless I blend them in then he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s worse than my son!

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