Healthy Lunches for the Working Girl

It’s Friday! And the start of a long weekend, at that. Hallelujah.

A couple shots from the Santa Monica pier concert last night to get things going…

dark bike

dark pier

dark concert

It’s crazy how much darker it was when we arrived at the pier than just 2 weeks ago. ¬†Summer really is coming to an end. ūüôĀ


Moving along, did you guys know that it’s Bring Your Lunch to Work Day!?

Just kidding. EVERY day is Bring Your Lunch to Work Day.

I’ve started posting fewer daily pictures of my lunches, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped bringing them. Every Monday through Thursday, I bring my own lunches, and on Fridays, Andrew and I do “Funch”. A lot of times Funch is just a big salad from with cafe salad bar downstairs, but I’m secure enough to admit that I get very excited about salad bars. And the salad bar in our building happens to be really solid.

Side note: At one point, a survey was sent out asking what people would like to see (or not see) in the salad bar. I went all out with my survey and basically just threw down the gauntlet of salad bar truth:

1. NOBODY has time for mushrooms, they are gross. ¬†It’s a fact.
2. Avocado is important. Do not overlook it.
3. Bring on the nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds are my preference). A mix of different textures is what makes a good salad great.
4. Hard boiled egg is a great non-offensive protein. Chicken is good, but all too often it’s super dry in a salad bar. Same with tuna.
5. Provide a big selection of dressings, as well as straight up olive oil and balsamic for those who like to create their own.

Kale is a nice addition to a salad bar, but not crucial. A salad bar salad usually doesn’t have the luxury of time needed to soak up dressing. FUN FACT: Did you know that until very recently, Pizza Hut was the biggest buyer of kale in the US? Yep, it wasn’t part of the salad bar offerings though, it was used solely as garnish under the other items. Ha!

Back to work lunches

I save so much money by bringing my lunches with me to work, and with a little pre-planning, it’s really no sweat. Here are some of my most common work lunches, in no particular order:

Overnight Oats

82614 oats

72214 oats

72114 oats

71614 oats

71014 lunch

70914 overnight oats

61814 lunch

Kale Salads

kale salad

kale salad (3)

kale salad (2)

Brown Rice Bowls

redone leftovers


72414 lunch

70214 stirfry

Ok, so that one is quinoa.

Salads Topped with Random Leftovers


82714 salad plus sweet potatoes

70814 lunch

61714 lunch p2

And just for fun, Funches

72914 lunch

Also a kale salad, technically.71514 salad


Hope you guys have a GREAT long weekend!



Question: What do you look for in a salad bar? What’s your “must have” item?

Canadian Vacation Part 1: The Lake House

Throwing it back (Thursday) to my very recent, yet seemingly ages ago, Canadian vacation. ¬†I haven’t really had a chance to recap the trip yet… Shall I start now?

Basically, the trip was broken down into three parts: The¬†Lake House, City of Toronto, and Montreal. ¬†Today’s post will focus on The Lake House.

The Lake House

One of Andrew’s good friends’ parents own a cottage on Go Home Lake in Muskoka, Canada (do a quick google image search and you’ll see just how beautiful it is). ¬†They kindly invited us up for the first 5 days of our trip. ¬†The group of us spent our time rotating between the cottage (read: kitchen), hot tub, sauna, boat house deck, and lake. ¬†Oh, and our beds. We caught up on soo much needed sleep.

Hot Tube

cottage dock



Ok, I lied, there was one other important vacation station: the puzzle table. ¬†That’s right, we completed this very educational, and only slightly kitschy, puzzle of Canada.

Map Puzzle

Relaxing on a beautiful lake, with absolutely zero cell service or internet, is a pretty great way to switch out of “Work Mode” and into “Vacation Mode”. ¬†By the fifth day, we were rested and ready for part 2 of our trip: the City of Toronto. ¬†Stay tuned for that!

Back to Reality

Detox check points (for Wednesday):

Greens – Green salad for lunch and tons of veggies with dinner (veggie scramble using: broccoli, onion, zucchini)
Water consumption – Met my goal of 40 oz. and then some.
Sugar intake – Still going strong, amazingly. ¬†Usually I get crazy sugar cravings, but I’m on a roll right now.
Alcohol – None for this girl. Saving up for tonight’s concert at the Santa Monica pier (and the upcoming holiday weekend…)

The Kevins…¬†

I was hoping to let the Kevins give a quick shoutout since it’s been a while, but THESE GUYS just couldn’t get their shit together:



I tried.