Canadian Vacation Part 1: The Lake House

Throwing it back (Thursday) to my very recent, yet seemingly ages ago, Canadian vacation.  I haven’t really had a chance to recap the trip yet… Shall I start now?

Basically, the trip was broken down into three parts: The Lake House, City of Toronto, and Montreal.  Today’s post will focus on The Lake House.

The Lake House

One of Andrew’s good friends’ parents own a cottage on Go Home Lake in Muskoka, Canada (do a quick google image search and you’ll see just how beautiful it is).  They kindly invited us up for the first 5 days of our trip.  The group of us spent our time rotating between the cottage (read: kitchen), hot tub, sauna, boat house deck, and lake.  Oh, and our beds. We caught up on soo much needed sleep.

Hot Tube

cottage dock



Ok, I lied, there was one other important vacation station: the puzzle table.  That’s right, we completed this very educational, and only slightly kitschy, puzzle of Canada.

Map Puzzle

Relaxing on a beautiful lake, with absolutely zero cell service or internet, is a pretty great way to switch out of “Work Mode” and into “Vacation Mode”.  By the fifth day, we were rested and ready for part 2 of our trip: the City of Toronto.  Stay tuned for that!

Back to Reality

Detox check points (for Wednesday):

Greens – Green salad for lunch and tons of veggies with dinner (veggie scramble using: broccoli, onion, zucchini)
Water consumption – Met my goal of 40 oz. and then some.
Sugar intake – Still going strong, amazingly.  Usually I get crazy sugar cravings, but I’m on a roll right now.
Alcohol – None for this girl. Saving up for tonight’s concert at the Santa Monica pier (and the upcoming holiday weekend…)

The Kevins… 

I was hoping to let the Kevins give a quick shoutout since it’s been a while, but THESE GUYS just couldn’t get their shit together:



I tried.


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