Detox: Day 2

Good afternoon, friends!

Even though it’s only day 2 of my 2 week detox, I’m still trucking right along.


Last night after work, Andrew and I weren’t quite ready to reintroduce ourselves to our gym just yet, so I did my favorite “No Excuses” workout while Andrew did 30 mins on the elliptical. I definitely felt the effects of 2 weeks off from proper strength training. My endurance took a hit while on vacation, despite walking an average of 8 miles a day!

no excuses workout

I do love this workout, though, because it’s easy to do at home and doesn’t require any weird fitness props. Just pump up the jams and prepare to sweat. A great Pop Sugar via Pinterest find!

eggplant dip

After our workouts, we snacked on some eggplant dip + pita chips while making dinner.  On the menu was sauteed onion, zucchini, and asparagus over brown rice, with roasted chickpeas. It actually sounds kind of fancy written out like that, but it was super simple and quick to throw together.


Pretty much whenever we make brown rice for dinner, we’ll make at least twice as much as we need. Brown rice is extremely versatile and the leftovers always get eaten. In this case, the extra rice is doubling as lunch (along with leftover veggies, of course) for Andrew and I today. If we had any leftover after that, I’d likely throw it into a big salad later on in the week. It sounds strange, but I’ve even added leftover grains like brown rice and quinoa to overnight oats before, with surprisingly awesome results. It’s fun to have another texture in there sometimes.

Other detox check points:
Water consumption – Excellent. I beat my goal of 40 oz yesterday, and I’m currently on track to do the same again today.
Sugar intake – Pretty good. Yesterday afternoon, I had a handful of “trail mix”, if you can even call it that based on the amount of sugar in it – candied pecans and cashews plus dried mangoes and apples is a delicious combo, but hardly a health food. And if we’re being nit-picky, I put honey in my overnight oats and had a piece of mandel bread after dinner, but those were both minimal offenses as far as I’m concerned.
Alcohol – Not for this girl. Consider it avoided.

street art
Rad graffiti find in Montreal

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!


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