Healthy Living – Monday’s Highs & Lows

Good morning, Tuesday Troopers!



Today, I thought I’d take a look at yesterday’s highs and lows, from a healthy living perspective.  I think it’s important to reflect on the good but not beat myself up over the bad.  Instead, I’ll brainstorm potential “fixes” for the future.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m by no means on a quest for perfection; I’m just trying to make choices and decisions that will allow me to feel good on a daily basis.


HIGHS – Wellness wins that I’ll be proud of tomorrow


1.Completing an early morning Ballet Beautiful workout before work












2. Bringing kale salad for lunch

kale salad








3. Taking an after-work walk to the grocery store. (Skipping the gym could be considered a low, but I’ll take fresh air and an evening stroll with Andrew over the gym any day.)









4. Successfully cooking asparagus in a new way (I’ve only ever BBQ’ed or roasted asparagus, but last night I sauteed it with garlic and it turned out really well).









4. Hitting my Fitbit goals! I beat both my step and water goals for the day.









LOWS – Behaviors or choices that could have been better, along with potential fixes for the future


1. Chocolate almonds in the afternoon, around 4pm

72114 treats



Potential fix: Almonds or mixed nuts




2. Chips for an after-work, pre-dinner snack

71614 chips and salsa


Potential fix: Keep pre-cut carrots and celery with hummus in the fridge, on the top shelf… in front of the salsa.




3. Giving in to a dessert craving (berries, sunflower seed butter, and soy vanilla ice cream)



Potential fix: Tea and fruit instead of ice cream






Q: What did you do well yesterday, and what could you have done better?



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