LA is OK: Santa Monica Concert on the Pier



No offense to LA, but it’s not my favorite city in the world. I actually have quite a bit of beef with LA, but I’ll save that for another day.  Today, I must give credit where credit is due. Last night, LA reminded me of one of the reasons why I continue to live here (it’s been 9 years, for those who are counting).  Last night was this summer’s third free concert on the Santa Monica pier, but my first of the year.

beachscapeFor the past 30 years, Santa Monica has been putting on free summer concerts for locals, tourists, and anyone else who is looking for an excuse to have a picnic on the beach with live music playing in the background.  Andrew and I have been to many of these concerts before, but missed the first two of this year. We’re a quick 20 minute bike ride away, and our route takes us past about 10 food stops from which to assemble our picnic.

bikes crop

For our first concert of the season, we decided on Lemonade for dinner supplies.


Lemonade has a ton of fun salad options – we went with two each, and shared everything.  We also got a chocolate chip cookie – it was a picnic, after all 🙂

beach bike path

One of my favorite parts about the summer concerts is biking there while the sun sets over the ocean.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a beach sunset.  And it’s the perfect backdrop for a picnic.


My two salads were broccoli w/ feta and shaved brussels sprouts w/ dates.  Andrew’s were curried squash w/ corn + corn nuts and mango w/ lentils.  The curried squash salad was the winner by far.  Once the sun set, we broke out the wine.  The only screw-top we had at home was a rose, but that seemed pretty fitting for a summer beach picnic.

Over the years, the summer concerts have gotten more and more popular.  I sometimes compare them to a big frat party on the beach.  Of course, when it gets too rowdy you can just move your beach blanket back, further from the crowd (and thanks to recent improvements made to the speaker system, you can still hear the music from far away).  And while there’s always been police present to take keep the public safe (and limit drinking in public), this year they really upped their numbers.

horse cops

I guess horses are their beach transportation of choice.

night selfie

Once again, LA did something kinda cool and temporarily made me forget all of my complaints.  Andrew and I had such a nice night that we were inspired to plan a beach bike ride for this weekend.  Being near the ocean always puts me in a good mood.  When we eventually leave this town, I know that’s something I will miss.

cute moon

And look at that adorable, tiny, baby moon!

beach walk


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