Monday, 8/4: A Weekend Recap in Pictures

Props to this guy, practicing the trombone at 8:30am on a Monday morning in a freeway underpass.


When you think about it, a freeway underpass is a great place to practice a loud musical instrument.  The acoustics are perfect, and he’s certainly not bothering the neighbors.

How was everyone’s weekend?  We had a few surprise rain “storms” here in LA, although they didn’t make a dent in the record high temps we had.


We had a lazy, lazy Friday.  Tuna melts and a walk to the frozen yogurt shop.

We used two different cheeses, so that's why the colors don't match!
If you’re wondering why the cheese is two different colors, we used two kinds of goat cheese.

You’re never too old, or too cool, for tuna melts.  Right, Kevin?



Saturday morning, I did another Ballet Beautiful workout on Amazon Instant Video.

ballet beautiful

Kevin helped out by being exactly where I needed to be at any given moment.

Andrew and I originally had plans to stay in and make tandoori chicken & kale salad for dinner, with bacon wrapped dates as an appetizer, but after an afternoon run-in with a few of our neighbors, we decided to combine all of our meals for a big potluck dinner.

kale salad

We always have a good time with these particular neighbors, and the combined meal was excellent.  We had so much fun, in fact, that the only picture I took was of kale salad.


Sunday morning I did the Ballet Beautiful workout again.  I did the full body “blast series”, which I liked a lot.  It was 4 15-minute segments that you could hypothetically complete individually or in any combination you wanted.

sunday morning

After a quick shower, we started on breakfast.

scrambleClassic veggie scramble with broccoli, onion, and potatoes.  Andrew is an expert potato-crisper, so he starts on the veggies and then I tag-team in when it’s time to add the eggs. Teamwork!

farmers market

We did our usual grocery shop: Farmers’ market for every piece of fruit they sell and some veggies, followed by Trader Joe’s for our non-produce needs.

new pb


I’m excited to try this new non-produce item: Crunchy, salted peanut butter w/ flax and chia seeds. Whoa. I don’t usually pick peanut butter (I’m a sunflower seed butter girl), but I had to try this.  Will report back.

I only got one picture of our amazing tandoori chicken.  There was one piece leftover from Saturday night, which we shared for dinner along with another kale salad and TJ’s sweet potato tots.

sunday dinner

I closed out another great weekend with some meal prep for this week’s lunches and an episode of The Leftovers on HBO (I think I like it, but it’s still a little too soon to say).

sunday food prep

Only one more week until Andrew and I go on VACATION.  Hallelujah, let the countdown begin…

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