What I Ate Wednesday #6 + A New Favorite At-Home Workout

Good afternoon!  It’s Wednesday, and I’m officially in pre-vacation countdown mode.  Just 6 more days!  Ok, back to reality.  Let’s get right into What I Ate Wednesday…


9:30am – Bulletproof coffee once I got to work

71414 bp coffee

12:00pm – Lunch (part 1): Kale salad w/ leftover ravioli on top

This was so good, remind me to prep kale salads every Sunday. They’re great on their own, but even better with each night’s leftovers on top.

12:45pm – Lunch (part 2): Overnight oats w/ blueberries, sunflower seed butter, and granola.


Monday night I discovered an amazing, easy dessert: microwave blueberries and sunflower seed butter for 1 min, then added granola and ice cream. As I was eating it, I realized it wasn’t all that different from what I usually eat for lunch… just minus the ice cream. So today my oats were microwaved with blueberries and sunflower seed butter, and had a sprinkling of granola on top.

4:00pm – Fruit: a Burgundy plum and a Geo Pride pluot


4:45pm – Fun mixed treats pack of chocolate covered goodies


8:30pm – A dinner I could eat any day of the week: Brown rice with roasted broccoli, chickpeas, and fresh heirloom tomatoes with a lemon-tahini dressing.


Andrew and I make this meal often, subbing in whatever vegetables are in season.  Right now, tomatoes happen to be out of this world so I didn’t even want to roast them.  I loved this meal, and will be enjoying the leftovers for lunch today.


After work, for some mysterious reason, the desire to drive to the gym had escaped both Andrew and I.  Well, mostly me, but Andrew didn’t put up a fight.  Instead, we stayed home and he used the elliptical while I did a modified version of this Pop Sugar workout I found on Pinterest.

Warm Up – 1 minute of each of the following:

High Knees

Jumping Jacks

Run in place

Jump rope

Skip in place

Workout – Repeat each circuit 2x before moving on to the next:

Circuit 1

20 Squats * 15 Squat Jumps * 10 Burpees

Circuit 2

20 Mountain Climbers * 15 Pushups * 10 Bridges

Circuit 3

20 Alternating Lunges * 15 Plie Squats * 10 Calf Raises

Core – 1 minute of each of the following:

Russian Twist (I subbed in the Ballet Beautiful version of this, which is basically the same move with ballet posture)

Elbow Plank

Bicycle Crunches



My thoughts: I really liked this workout.  It took me about 30 minutes, but I definitely worked up a sweat and felt like I hit every muscle group.  It was also a perfect at-home workout. I did the whole thing in socks on a yoga mat and didn’t feel like I was driving the downstairs neighbors crazy.  And lastly, the workout doesn’t require any props at all, so it could totally be done in a hotel room or on the road.  This one is a keeper.



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