A Story About Kevin

Happy Friday!

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Kevin (& Kevin).  I try not to talk about the Kevins too often because I really don’t want to turn this into a cat blog.  Cats on the internet, how novel!  That said, I think there’s something wrong with Kevin.  He’s just not… like other cats.

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Kevin is a special snowflake for numerous reasons, but the one that cracks me up the most is this: Kevin prefers to lay sprawled out on his back, which – no offense Kev – isn’t his most flattering angle.

IMG_20140620_190541_373 (1)



IMG_20140716_205609_319 (1)


He just loves that stretch.  “Want to rub my belly? It’s RIGHT here.”


IMG_20140802_141100_393 (1)



Oh, and just to clarify, we’re talking about Sam Cooke-Kevin, not Al Green-Kevin.

Al Green (left) & Sam Cooke (right)

Although, every once in a while, Al Green-Kevin has been known to get peer pressured into the sprawl:

IMG_20131029_224309_923 (1)

But most of the time, it’s just Kevin.

IMG_20140720_211350_952 (1)

You do you, Kevin. You do you.


Have a great weekend.


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