[Weekend Recap] Back to Normal

Good morning/afternoon!

I finally feel like things are back to normal around here. I was on vacation for two weeks, and it took just about two weeks to get back into my normal routine. That math sounds about right.

Friday evening, Andrew and I got to sneak out of work a few minutes early, which meant we had time to swing by Rising Hearts Bakery before it closed to pick up one of their baguettes. Rising Hearts is a gluten free bakery, but that’s not why we buy their bread. Their bread just happens to be delicious!

friday toasts

We had some cherry tomatoes that needed to be used up, so we thew them in the food processor with olive oil and S&P to make bruschetta. There’s really nothing wrong with bruschetta on toast for dinner.


…Or Cherry on Top frozen yogurt for dessert.  Especially after a two week sugar detox.

cherry on top

Saturday morning started with a cup of bulletproof coffee while reading the news. As you’ll soon see, I spent quite a bit of time at the computer this weekend.

news and coffee

After the gym, I was back at the computer with a post-gym smoothie. I got the usual: Sambazon Acai Berry w/ banana, blueberries and almond milk from Rainbow Acres.

post gym smoothie and more news

A little bit later, I had some leftover salad with half a bagel for lunch.

sat lunch

sat lunch part 2

The bulk of Saturday was spent running errands, thrilling! But check out this little guy who rode along for the entire afternoon. Hey guy!

spider thug

Saturday night, we walked over to Corner Door for some food and drinks. It was such a nice night out.  After a brutally hot day, it was finally pleasant to be outside.  Andrew and I split the roasted brussels sprouts, smashed potatoes, and a burger. I can’t remember the last time I had a burger, but theirs was really good.

corner door

Sunday morning, I was back at the computer for some more morning news. It was way too hot for my usual bulletproof coffee, so it was a perfect time to try this new Califia Farms iced coffee I bought at Rainbow Acres. It’s rare to find an iced coffee beverage that uses almond milk. And the ingredient list is super short, so that’s another plus. I thought It tasted really good, but it does have a decent amount of sugar in it (13g), so it’s more of a treat than an everyday thing.

sun news and coffee

We stopped at Earl’s Gourmet Grub for brunch on the way to the farmer’s market. More salad! I love their Salad for Breakfast. Greens, bacon, croutons, and a fried egg with balsamic vinaigrette. Yes.

sun brunch

And then I got my toes did! Seriously, it was too hot to do anything productive.

got my toes did

For dinner, Andrew grilled some shrimp and delicata squash (Fall is coming…), which we had on top of more salad. So much salad!

shrimp and squash salad

Before bed I did some salad prep for the week. Salad. Salad. Salad. I love salad.  And greens and could eat them constantly if it weren’t for the prep involved. Where I fail is when I’m hungry and have nothing healthy at the ready and end up going for what’s easy: sweet potato chips or a processed granola bar. Spending 30 minutes on Sunday evenings doing food prep has helped tremendously in this department. And really, what else am I doing on Sunday night?

salad prep for the week

Hope everyone has a great (and healthy) week!

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