Canadian Vacation Part 2: The City of Toronto (Continued)

Hello friends, we’re back with part 2 of part 2… of my Canadian vacation.  If you’re just joining now, you can read all about the Lake House (part 1) and the first half of The City of Toronto (part1 of part 2) – WOW that’s confusing. Let’s just dive right in.

Toronto Beaches

Tuesday, we knew we wanted to check out an area called The Beaches, so we took the subway+street car to the general area and found a breakfast spot once we were there.

How cute is this guy?

After a satisfying diner-style breakfast at Sunset Grill, we set off to explore.  I’ve never been to a city with more public parks than Toronto.  We must have wandered through 6 parks on Tuesday alone.  All of them were well maintained and massive.


I think we walked a total of about 9 miles on Tuesday, so it was really nice to be able to take breaks throughout the day and have a park to sit in and enjoy for a while without feeling out of place.


Sidenote to mention the backpack that served as my purse on the days we walked for miles and miles. Not only is a backpack much more comfortable to wear than a purse, it’s great for carrying snacks (a must) and souvenirs that you pick up along the way.  In case you’re wondering, most of the “souvenirs” I ended up with were subway maps. I’m a nerd.


We realized that LA is pretty lacking in the parks department.  The city does a good job of preventing loiterers.  With the exception of the beach, there’s no good area to go in LA where you can just wander around and enjoy the outdoors.


We eventually made our way (read: walked) to St. Lawrence Market: a farmers’ market lover’s dream!  It’s an indoor, two-story mega market with all of the fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheese, baked goods, sweets, and bulk items you could EVER want.



It was hard to resist buying all of the things, but we were good and (mostly) only bought what we went there to get:  a dessert item (mini pies), pickles (recommendation from a friend), and some dried fruit from the bulk section.  Not bad considering I also had maple syrup, fudge, cheese, and many other bulk items in my cart at one point.  It helped to know that whatever we bought we’d be carrying for the rest of the walk.



The rest of the evening was spent catching up with good friends (who had recently moved to Toronto from Washington, DC) over delivery pizza, wine, and the pies we brought from St. Lawrence Market for dessert.

queens park
Queen’s Park, Toronto


Wednesday was our last full day in the city, so we wanted to make the most of it.  We set our alarms, and got up early to go for a run in Queen’s park, another beautiful public park located right near our apartment.  Andrew and I did more than our fair share of walking around the city, but it felt good to really get our heart rates up and work up a good sweat.


After some fruit and showers, we took the subway and a street car to Tequila Bookworm, an artsy bar known for its massive collection of beers on tap.  It also happens to be owned by one of Andrew’s good friends.  We caught up over cider beers while doing some serious people-watching out the front window and onto Queen Street.



It felt like we packed a lot in for having only spent 3 full days in the city… and I think that’s because we did!  There is so much to do and see in Toronto that we could have easily spent another 2 weeks there.  Unfortunately and fortunately, we had one final destination to jet off to: Montreal.

CN tower

Until next time, Toronto…



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