Canadian Vacation Part 3: Montreal

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It’s Thursday, so let’s throw it back to my recent trip to Canada – and more specifically, Montreal. Let’s go!

You can read about the first legs of my trip to Canada here, here, and here.

When we left off, Andrew and I had practically worn through the soles of our shoes after covering an average of 8 miles a day in Toronto, exploring and eating our way through the city. With so much of the city left unseen (and uneaten), we vowed to make a return trip soon, and hopped on a Mega Bus to Montreal!

mega bus

I have to say, the Mega Bus was awesome. On previous trips, Andrew and I have taken the train from Toronto to Montreal, which takes about 6 hours and costs up to $150 a person. The Mega Bus, which was double-decker, got us there in 5 hours and was about $40 a person. Plus, we were able to reserve our seats (up top) ahead of time, and bring food and drink onto the bus (yes, there’s a restroom on board). Mega Bus = clear winner.

bus food

Once we arrived in Montreal, we took a cab to the apartment where we’d be staying. We spent the afternoon relaxing, snacking, and catching up with Andrew’s grandmother, who lives in Montreal. After dinner, we ventured out to stretch our legs and explore the town.




Neither of us was in the mood to really “go out” so we decided to just scope out potential bars we thought we might want to check out the following night. Montreal is a fun people-watching city. Everyone is so stylish! No one leaves the house in sweat pants, unless maybe they’re very expensive, very trendy sweat pants that fit impeccably and coordinate with their also very expensive and trendy sneakers. Everyone I saw was well dressed and put together. Pretty city, pretty people.

night adventures

The next day, Andrew and I started our morning with brunch at St. Viateur Bagel Cafe. Andrew is, by his own admission, a bagel snob. And St. Viateur bagels are his absolute #1. In the past, we’ve flown home from Montreal with 2+ dozen bagels, no joke. Luckily, this time, brunch was enough.

st viator

We spent the rest of the day walking around and exploring, stopping for treats here and there. Had to get some French macaroons at a La Folie.



Pretty packaging 🙂


And some poutine at La Belle Province. Yum.

Even the graffiti in Montreal is beautiful. I’d call it street art sooner than I’d call it graffiti.

street art

Montreal doesn’t have as many public parks and Toronto, but still more than LA.


And then there was that time we tried to take an upward selfie… Lesson learned.

trying to take a selfie

Knowing it was our last night in Montreal, we decided to “hit the town” after dinner and stopped into Thursday’s for a couple drinks.


The bar, like many Montreal bars, was two-stories.  We got a great spot on the second story overlooking the main “drag”.  We must have seen 4 bachelorette parties.  I got a dirty martini, and Andrew got the biggest beer of his life.

big beer


Cheers, Montreal!  Hope to see you again, soon.


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