It Started in the ER…

This day sure got off to an interesting start. What should have been a perfectly normal Friday at the office, began in the ER.

waiting room

Last night during softball, Andrew suffered an unfortunate (albeit extremely heroic) injury to his left hand and wrist while making an epic play at home plate. After making a catch, Andrew swung around attempting to tag the runner heading home.  Unfortunately, the runner crashed directly into Andrew’s outstretched hand, jamming said hand into Andrew’s wrist.  The crunch was heard by all.  (Later accounts of the story claim that it was Andrew’s yell that was heard by all.)  Either way… eeeesh.



We debated whether or not to go to the ER last night, but fearing an all-night experience, ultimately decided to wait until this morning when we hoped there would be a minimal wait.



The ER waiting room was almost empty when we arrived, but we still had quite a bit of waiting to do thanks to a “code blue” (someone who stopped breathing, a young kid in this case) that occurred right before we got there. Eventually, Andrew got in to see a doctor who immediately ordered an x-ray. Fearing the worst (expensive wrist surgery), we waited and waited for the results.

Thankfully we got good news: no broken bones! Andrew’s hand suffered multiple contusions (internal bruises and popped blood vessels), but nothing to warrant surgery. Hooray! He just needs to keep the injured arm elevated as much as possible for the next week or so, icing as needed.


Both relieved, and hungry from a stressful morning, we felt the need to celebrate over brunch at Superba Bread Bar.


Avocado Toast
Grain Bowl w/ a runny egg, cashews, kale slaw, and avocado

I’d highly recommend Superba – fresh, clean, atmosphere, really good food (a little on the expensive side, tho), and delicious coffee.  I got a latte with their homemade hazelnut milk.  Have you ever heard of that? I hadn’t but it was delicious. Andrew and I could both totally taste the hazelnuts.


Anticipating a long day at the hospital, we had both called in sick at work… meaning we had a free afternoon! For a day that started out in the Emergency Room, it definitely ended on a great note.

And now we’re heading up to the Bay Area to celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday. Looking forward to some quality family time and hopefully an injury-free weekend!


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