No Kidding, It’s National Coffee Day

I keep hearing that today is National Coffee Day (like everyday isn’t National Coffee Day…?), but I guess the rumors are true because I’m already on my second cup.

71114 coffee

More and more of my coworkers are finding out that I gave my two weeks notice last Friday, and as a result my coffee consumption is increasing as people want the scoop on why I’m leaving.  In my experience, the only thing office workers will devour more quickly than free food in the break room… is gossip.


Usually when someone announces that they’re leaving the company, it’s because they were offered another job. Word spreads that so-and-so is leaving to go work at XYZ-Competitor and that’s about the extent of the gossip. But when someone leaves without another offer, there’s usually more to that story.

st viator

And so begins my tour of coffee dates with coworkers. The tricky part is that I want to tell all the details of what my situation was in order to explain (and justify) why I’m leaving, while still being professional and not badmouthing my boss – something I don’t think is ever a smart idea.


I guess this might turn into “National Coffee Two Weeks”. Bummer 🙂


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