[Weekend Recap] Detox Detour



Did you guys have a good Labor Day weekend? Hopefully you didn’t do too much laboring. I most certainly, did not.  I did, however, take a slight detour from my 2 week detox, but not so badly that I can’t get back on track this week.

Because I’m still very much in weekend mode, and struggling to get through this work day, I thought I’d recap the weekend using pictures and as few words as possible. Ready, Go!






jamba sugar
Shocked by the Sugar Content in Jamba Juice “All Fruit” Smoothies

A housewarming orchid for our friends/new neighbors that we helped move in on Saturday.


Post-moving breakfast bowl.



Sunday morning birthday brunch with friends.  Off to a festive start with bottomless mimosas and bloody marys at the Sunny Spot.

bottomless mimosas

Three hours later…. still brunching.

3 hours later

Seen late-Sunday-night on Abbot Kinney: someone’s baller ride.

sunday night


Labor Day breakfast prep.

breakfast prep

Labor Day Breakfast Feast: Veggie Scramble w/ Bacon & Half an Avocado Bagel


The start of an epic chicken brine. A day off from work calls for an elaborate dinner. Why not try making fried chicken for the very first time?

epic brine

Chicken, prepped and ready for the fryer.

chicken prep

Delicious Labor Day Dinner: Fried Chicken and Broccoli Slaw (recipe coming soon).


If it’s not already obvious, I strayed a little from my 2 week detox this weekend, but not too terribly!

Detox check points:

Greens – I tried to sneak in greens wherever I could. Hey, avocado is green.
Water consumption – I was on it all weekend.
Sugar intake – Definitely splurged a few times, but not as many as I typically would on a weekend.
Alcohol – Yeah… this was definitely my weakest metric of the weekend.  Bottomless bloody marys are not conducive to a detox, BUT perfection is boring.  And bloody marys are delicious.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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