A Workout to Make Your Butt Look SCARY Good

Please, let me apologize for that sensationalist headline. That was unnecessary. And to be real, we all know one workout does not a butt make.

HOWEVER, I do have a killer lower body workout for you. I did this workout a couple days ago and my lower limbs are still feeling it.

This workout incorporates resistance training, with recurring squat jumps at the end of each set providing a continuous cardio element for ultimate efficiency.

Be sure to warm up with 5-10 minutes of easy cardio (I chose to jump rope for the duration of two songs on my Jump Rope playlist) before diving in with this one: BOO! Lower Body Workout

BOO Lower Body Workout

*If you don’t have access to a gym, substitute weighted Squats for the Leg Presses

For reference:
Bent Over Barbell Row
Sumo Squat
Squat Jumps
Leg Press
Side Lunges
Walking Lunges
Curtsy Lunges

Note: The glaring possibility for a BOO!ty pun in the title of this workout was not lost on me. I simply could not bring myself to use “BOO!ty Burner“, “Work That BOO!ty“, or even the obvious choice, “Tutti Fruity Pumpkin BOO!ty“. Perhaps next year…

Happy Halloween 🙂


Yesterday’s Workout (A Two-Parter)


I had planned to take the 9:45am Yoga class at LA Fitness and then stay for some cardio after. Well, I made it to Yoga (that’s more than I can say about last Tuesday), but it ran long and by the time class ended, I was way too hungry to exert the amount of energy needed to complete a treadmill workout. So I drove back home, slightly unsatisfied with the day’s workout. Turns out it was only Part 1.

Looks like I was the only one on time
Looks like I was the only one on time for Yoga

When Andrew got home from work, he was feeling motivated and ready to hit the gym. Truthfully, I was not very motivated myself, but did not protest and returned to LA Fitness for Part 2 of my workout.

Since my first workout had focused on stretching and strength, I decided to commit to cardio for the second go-round. Still feeling less than motivated, I kept myself busy by machine hopping every 10 minutes. I spent 10 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes on the stair master (that thing is no joke), and 10 minutes (followed by a 5 minute cool down) on the treadmill.

101714 treadmill

I’ve done this type of cardio trifecta workout before. It’s great for those days when you’ve geared up and gotten all the way to the gym but just still aren’t feeling motivated. Even if you completely coast through, you’ll get your heart rate up, and I guarantee you’ll feel better by the end of it.

Last night’s recovery meal was a hefty portion of greens along with protein and a little bit of starch.

102814 dinner

Dinner started with an easy kale salad: shredded kale, dried cranberries, roasted chickpeas, and cubes of raw cheddar in a basic balsamic dressing. That was followed by homemade chicken strips (step 1: egg wash, step 2: seasoned panko bread crumb bath) and sweet potato tots.



My take away from yesterday’s workout: Get your workout done early in the day, while motivation levels are still high. And do the hardest part (in this case, sprints) out of the way first!


Question: What’s your favorite time of day to workout? I’m jealous of those of you who can bang out a killer workout late at night. For me, first thing in the morning – after a cup of bulletproof coffee, of course – is my ideal time to workout.