Checked Out

Well, it’s official. I’m feeling pretty checked out of work at this point. And I’m a little surprised by how excited I am at the prospect of have more time to spend on this blog.

I originally started blogging as a way to force myself to write every day. I didn’t put any pressure on award-winning outcomes; I just wanted to develop the habit.

And as the writing became easier, I actually started looking forward to the exercise. I’ll admit, there have certainly been times when I’ve hit “Publish” a little too eagerly, when an extra read-through would have served me well. But for the most part, I’m happy with what this blog has become. I’ve even told a couple friends that it exists!


So next week while I’m experiencing the culture shock of staying home all day while Andrew’s at work, I’ve got big plans for this blog.

I’m hoping to improve my photography skills. I hear there’s an important component called “lighting” that can supposedly make all the difference in a photo. I’ll let you know what I find out.

I’d also like to put my brain to the test and see if I can figure out this whole “self-hosting” thing, maybe learn a thing or two about HTML… The kindergartners seem to be really into it.

And finally, I’d like to settle into a more consistent posting schedule. I may designate certain days of the week to posting recipes, workouts, etc. Or I may throw that idea out the window all together and devote every single post to “What I Love About Jump Rope”. We’ll see.


Cheers to what’s next, whatever that turns out to be. Thanks for reading.


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