TBT: Abbot Kinney Street Fest 2014

For today’s Throw Back Thursday, I’m taking the opportunity to recap last weekend.  The highlight of which was the Abbot Kinney Street Fest, but we’ll get to that in a minute…

AK street fest


Saturday started with one of the best workouts of all time.  After such a crazy week of anxiety surrounding my job and giving my two weeks notice, I had a lot to work out.  And the moment I put my headphones in, I was in THE ZONE.  Usually at LA Fitness, I’m very aware of the people around me, but on Saturday it was like I had blinders on.  The playlist on my iPod was just right, I killed my jump rope warm up (which I actually kinda hope someone saw because I can subjectively say it was awesome), and my mind was running wild with ideas about potential career paths in health and fitness.

saturday gym

Saturday night was a lazy one.  Spaghetti squash was on the meal plan, but someone accidentally said the word “pizza” so we had to order Pitfire instead.  We decided to make our own: roasted red pepper, pineapple, and pepperoni.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  Unfortunately, there was an incident.


The pizza that showed up was roasted red pepper, pineapple, and PEPERONCINIS!  Who orders peperoncinis? No one that I’ve ever met.  Well the most unfortunate part of it all was that it was completely my mistake.  I placed the order online and wasn’t wearing my glasses so… peppercinis looked a lot like pepperonis.  Bummer.

saturday pizza

Obviously it was still good, and we ate the whole thing… after removing the unwanted peperoncinis of course.


Sunday morning, Andrew and I skipped the Farmers Market.  That’s right. We deliberately did not go to the Mar Vista Farmers Market.  In our defense, we wanted to get a head start on the Abbot Kinney Street Festival, which turns into a frat party as the day goes on.  Andrew’s not cleared to ride a bike yet due to his injury, so we walked the 2.2 miles from our apartment to the festival.

The Abbot Kinney Street Festival always takes place the last Sunday in September on Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Local vendors, artists, and restaurants come out and there’s always live music.  There’s a section just for kids, and of course there’s a Beer Garden.  Here’s my recap of this year’s jam.


Number of pairs of overalls seen: 7 (six were for fashion, one was clearly for farming)

Most unique live performance: Spoken Word

Best featured artist: Rachel Brown (Loved all of her stuff)



Best outfit: PETA


Best (and to be fair, only) brunch I ate: Kreation

(Homemade) Almond Milk Latte
The Roman: Fried egg on a crusty baguette topped with bruschetta and a balsamic glaze

Best purchase: Candle Stash (Smells amazing and I love the wooden wick. She had a bunch of great flavors, most of which are dude-friendly)

candle stash

Best nature booth: The Abbot Kinney community garden that serves all of the local restaurants (Primitivo, Hal’s, FEED, Gelina, Tasting Kitchen, etc). In case you were wondering, they ARE hiring.

community garden

Fun festival, fun day.


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