Weekend Recap: Skeleton Twins, Stitch Fix, and BBQ Salmon

In putting off this weekend recap post until well into the afternoon, I was secretly hoping the remainder of Monday would have just flown by, and we’d already be talking about how amazing it is when that happens and how Tuesday is by far the best day of the week. Alas, it’s still Monday but it’s my LAST Monday at my current job, so that’s something.

This week will be a lot of “lasts” for me: last chance to mold my intern into a mini-me professional-business-lady-superstar, last time carpooling with Andrew to work, last fruit instagram posed in front of my beloved Sony TV.  Amazingly, my last Sunday morning, evening, and night spent working is already behind me.

Speaking of Sunday, here’s a quick look at my weekend:



Friday after work, Andrew and I went to see The Skeleton Twins. That movie hit hard, letmetellyou.  Kristen Wigg and Bill Hader were both amazing on the acting front. There were some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments, but also moments where I was almost in tears. An emotional roller coaster, if you will.

After the movie, we went next door to Westside Tavern for some wine and apps, and then home to watch two DVR’ed episodes of Jeopardy – THE two episodes we attended the filming of.



After such a wild and crazy Friday night, our Saturday morning got off to a slow start, but around noon we showed up at LA Fitness for a decent workout.


Ok, better than decent, I was a hot mess by the end.  Having a blog makes you think it’s a good idea to post borderline photos of yourself on the Internet. NOTE: this was also one of that last  photos taken on my old phone.


Post workout lunch was a smoothie from Rainbow Acres and a salad with leftover chicken.


Saturday night was lazy. For dinner, we used up some leftover spaghetti squash by adding BBQ zucchini and sauteed kale, and topping it with turkey bolognese sauce (homemade, but from the freezer) and pecorino cheese.  It was SO HOT this weekend, we took our dinner outside to eat on the patio.


Andrew and I had some fun testing out the camera on my new phone.  Pretty impressive for night photos with no flash.




Sunday morning started with fried eggs on bagels and english muffins (we had one of each, so we split them in half and shared).


After that, we sped through the farmers market and Trader Joe’s before heading to a local park for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party.


Cake was decent, so the party was decent. That’s typically how it works.


Sunday afternoon I was looking forward to going through my latest box from Stitch Fix, but sadly none of the items were keepers.  It didn’t help that all the items were full-on fall and it was a mere 89 degrees in our apartment while I was trying on.


For dinner, we BBQ’ed some salmon and I made a simple salad to go with it. Balsamic viniagrette on the salad, soy vey on the salmon.



Andrew totally nailed it with this salmon.


The salmon that didn’t get eaten was turned into salmon salad, to be taken for lunch one day this week.  How was everyone else’s weekend?



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