What I Ate Wednesday #16: It’s All Orange Now

Good morning, Internet!

Halloween is only a couple days away, which means… not a whole lot, in my world. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. I don’t like scary things (especially spiders and spider webs), I truly don’t understand the whole ‘slutty costume’ phenomenon, and thinking about buckets of candy gives me a headache.

But there is one thing I can get behind: the color ORANGE. I dig it. And I ate a whole lot of it yesterday. Go figure.

As a reminder, this is a time-stamped rundown of everything I ate yesterday… for better or for worse. Some weeks skew healthier than others and some are on the snackier side. Such is life.  

8:45am – Bulletproof coffee

102814 bp coffee

9:45am [WORKOUT] – Yoga Class @ LA Fitness

12:00pm – Leftover pumpkin pizza (thank you Stephanie for the recipe recommendation!) for lunch…

102814 pumpkin pizza…With a small kale salad on the side

102814 kale salad4:30pm – Spoonful of Apple/Zucchini/Carrot muffin batter

5:00pm – First taste test of said Apple/Zucchini/Carrot muffins (recipe)

102814 sliced muffin

7:00pm [WORKOUT] – Back to LA Fitness w/ Andrew for the good ol’ Cardo Trifecta Workout.

8:30pm – Kale salad (kale, dried cranberries, raw cheddar cubes, roasted chickpeas), panko-crusted chicken strips & sweet potato tots w/ honey mustard sauce (1/3 cup mayo, 2 T honey, 2 T mustard)

102814 dinner

9:30pm – Another Apple/Carrot/Zucchini muffin (these really need a better name) for dessert

102814 dessert

So let’s review:
Pumpkin pizza = ORANGE
Apple Carrot Zucchini muffins = ORANGE
Sweet potato tots = ORANGE

ORANGE you glad I didn’t……….. come up with a good ending for this joke?



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    1. UGH it was. I’m still dreaming about it. It was super easy, too. The trick is not to bother with making the dough from scratch; just buy one of the pre-made Trader Joe’s ones. 🙂

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