Yesterday’s Workout (Hiking Marina del Rey)


From time to time, Andrew’s dad will save articles from the LA Times that he thinks we might be interested in. The latest clipping he had for us was a story on the Ballona Lagoon, a hikable marine preserve in Marina del Rey.  Yesterday, Andrew and I checked it out.

101814 ballona

101814 Me

The Ballona Lagoon hiking trail is a 2.5 mile loop with a brief beachfront detour, just after the halfway point.

101814 marina homesIf you’re looking to get your learn on, sign posts along the walking path provide information on the numerous plants and animals inhabiting the marine preserve.

101814 Big Bird

While the lagoon itself is home to herons, egrets, and other exotic sea birds, some of the best sights, in my opinion, are the insane beachfront properties.

101814 Ballona Beach Path

The hike itself wasn’t particularly challenging; the trail was completely flat and well marked.    The 2.5 miles took us about an hour.  To increase our total mileage (we’ve got a fitbit Weekend Warrior challenge going on against Andrew’s mom this weekend), Andrew and I walked the 2 miles to and from our apartment to the trail.  All in all, we walked a little over 7 miles.

101814 fleur

Despite big plans to get an early start on our “urban hike”, Andrew and I slept in and didn’t hit the road until close to noon.  So by the time we made it once around the Ballona Lagoon trail, we were ready for some food.  We chose the Cow’s End for some iced drinks and sandwiches.

101814 drinks pretty

I had never been to the Cow’s End before, but I liked it a lot.  You get to design your own sandwich (or omelette or wrap) on a checklist, which is always fun.  They have a respectable coffee menu and an extensive list of smoothies and juices.  Located down by the Venice Pier, it’s right in the middle of a bunch of other beachy bars and restaurants so everybody in the area is either on their way to, or coming back from the beach. Very beachy.

I got an iced latte and Andrew had a strawberry lemonade. It’s worth clarifying that the lemonade was blended with fresh strawberries. Nice.

101814 Cows End

I designed an epic turkey sandwich on a seedy italian baguette with sprouts, avocado, mayo, and honey mustard.  Andrew got some other combination of items.

After refueling, we trekked back home where we put our feet up for the rest of the afternoon day.

Have a great week,


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