[Workout] Barefoot Core Circuit

This is a workout for those times when you get to the gym right on time for the yoga class you thought started at 11am but really started at 9:45am, and are too embarrassed to leave right away, and want to get some sort of workout in but are wearing slip-ons because you were dressed for a barefoot yoga class. Yes, this is the perfect workout for those situations.

102314 Barefood Core Circuit

Perfect Plank
Spiderman Planks
Side Planks

I completed this super quick, low-maintenance circuit in bare feet and I was still sweating and shaking by the end.

Full disclosure: even though I got a good core burn going, my yoga craving had not been satisfied so I did this Tara Stiles yoga video when I got home.


Question: What’s your favorite YouTube yoga video? I alternate between the Tara Stiles video I mentioned above and Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown, depending on my mood.

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