Yesterday’s Workout (Mind + Body = Yoga)


After Tuesday’s botched attempt at taking the 11am LA Fitness Yoga class (that didn’t exist), I was up bright and early, determined to make it this time.

I’ve taken several yoga classes at LA Fitness now, and this one was the most challenging by far. We had a different instructor than I’ve had in the past, and even though she spent a good amount of time discussing the solar eclipse and what that meant for our ‘inner patterns’, I really liked her class.

Yoga Tangent: I understand that a huge part of yoga is the ‘mind’ aspect. After all, isn’t the equation something along the lines of mind+body=yoga? I don’t doubt that if I could master the philosophical components, I would get exponentially more out of my practice, but sometimes at 9:45am on a Thursday I just want to get moving. 

102314 Yoga tanlines

I liked that our instructor made a point to ask the class if we wanted to focus on anything specific. A few ladies yelled out “hips”, and that was fine with me. We spent a good amount of time breathing through some hip-opening poses before moving into the traditional ‘downward dog > chaturanga > upward dog’-type flows. We even got into some basic headstands and balancing poses, but she offered plenty of variations to ensure that everyone in the room would feel successful.

I came away from the class feeling like I got a really good stretch, and quite a bit more of a workout than I was expecting. I’ll definitely be making a point of going again next week.


A logical person would have opted to make lunch out of the MOUNTAIN of leftovers currently in our fridge (hello, lasagna, roasted vegetable quinoa, spinach salad, tortillas), but I dunno guys, I was feelin’ OATS. In a big way. And after all that yoga ‘be true to yourself’ talk, I needed to honor my craving.

102314 oats

These beautiful overnight oats consisted of: 1/3 cup oats, 1 T chia seeds, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, small handful of granola, and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter. Satisfying.

Now I’m off to do cross some items off my (unemployment) To Do List, namely water the plants and wrap a birthday present for my nephew. 🙂 Still loving unemployment, in case that wasn’t already obvious.


Question: For those of you who practice yoga, do you focus more on Mind or Body? Or both? Right now, I’m focusing on body… at least until I have a bit more flexibility and balance. Then, maybe I’ll start incorporating more mind.

2 thoughts to “Yesterday’s Workout (Mind + Body = Yoga)”

  1. Mind. The body stuff seems like less of a challenge (I mean, in non-crazy-advanced classes), since you are following directions. I take an easy approach and focus on breathing, which seems to help with the mind/meditational aspect. I’m not a fan of new age-y talk, though, when it’s not from a genuinely experienced teacher.

    1. I think focusing on breathing is a really good approach, and I’m always surprised how hard that actually is. I have the same struggle with meditation; my mind wanders like crazy. Maybe that’s a sign that I could use more of it… 🙂

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