Yesterday’s Workout (Yoga Class)

Dropping in to give a quick recap of yesterday’s workout along with the recovery meal I made after. I’m always curious about information like this and love it when other bloggers post these sorts of insights on their blogs.

After Thursday’s run, I was in need of some deep stretching and a yoga class sounded perfect. On Fridays, yoga at LA Fitness is held at noon, so I planned my day around attending that class.

101714 treadview2I got to the gym about 30 minutes early so I could fit in a little jump rope before class. Well, my jump rope session was cut short when I realized I was wearing a yoga sports bra, as opposed to a jump rope or running sports bra. VERY different. Ammmiright, ladies? Plan B was walking on an incline instead. Lesson learned.

101714 treadmill

And then at noon, I moved into the group fitness room for an hour of zen posing and stretching.

101714 yoga

Yoga classes at LA Fitness, in my opinion, are not particularly challenging, but for someone like me who’s looking for a good stretch and who hasn’t taken class in a while, they’re not bad at all.


Right when I got home from the gym, I peeled a hard boiled egg to tide me over while I prepared a wrap for lunch.

101714 wrrap prep

In the wrap I put hummus, another chopped up hard boiled egg, and a bunch of leftover spinach salad from the night before. Unsure of how those flavors would work together, I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted great.

101714 wrap

Question: What’s your favorite post-workout snack or meal?  I typically aim for some sort of protein along with a bunch of greens.


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