Foggy Morning Run & NASM Personal Training Certification

Good morning, beautiful blog readers!

Yesterday morning, I was determined to get my workout out of the way first thing but just couldn’t find the motivation to drive all the way to the gym. The answer: a quick home workout followed by a 3 mile neighborhood jog.

111114 run

It was overcast all morning, which made for perfect running weather. I love when it’s overcast. My eyes are a sort of overcast gray/blue, maybe that’s why.

After a quick shower, I made a couple eggs on toast for breakfast (bulletproof coffee was consumed pre-jog) and was ready to get on with my day.

111114 post run eggs

On the agenda were a couple freelance writing projects I’m currently working on, prepping last night’s Butternut Squash + White Bean soup (really good, recipe coming soon), and a whole lot of studying.

. . . . . .

NASM Certification Program

Last Thursday, I received a special delivery from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

111014 fleurs and nasm

In a box delivered to my doorstep was a large textbook and a shiny new backpack.

111114 backpack

I am now officially in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer! I have 180 days to learn all the material in the textbook and take the NASM Certified Personal Trainer – Version 4 examination. I can tell it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m excited! I’ve wanted to learn more about the science of fitness for a while and after a lot of thought, I’ve realized that now is the perfect time.

Why the NASM?

There are many certification programs to choose from when looking to become a personal trainer. I chose the NASM program because it has a high success rate among participants and is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected certification programs (it’s even recognized internationally).

Which package did I choose?

I chose the base level, self study package. Basically, all I get is the book and access to some interactive online materials. There are four additional packages to choose from. The next level up includes a live workshop, the level above that includes an online classroom experience, the second highest level includes a 60-day money back job guarantee, and the top (most expensive) level includes hands-on, in-gym experience.

*Actually, there is an even cheaper, lower-level package that pays solely for the cost of the test and that’s it.

What do I plan to do with the certification?

At the very least, I plan to use the knowledge that I gain to improve my own workouts and prevent injuries. Beyond that, I have a lot of ideas… everything from creating new dynamic workouts to post here on the blog, to working with clients one-on-one, to teaching group fitness classes, to one day maybe even adding on a nutrition specialization. We shall see!

111114 book

I’ll be sure to post updates as I go, but let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.



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