Friday Favorites & A Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer!

It must be Friday because I am in a good mood!

I got to have Andrew home with me yesterday because (unfortunately for him, but fortunately for me) he’s battling a cold right now. We went from spending close to 24 hours a day together when we worked in the same office, to having just nights and weekends with each other now that I work at home. Needless to say, I loved having him around!

Speaking of things I loved this week, I thought I’d link up with Heather of Housewife Glamour and share my Friday Favorites. This is my ode to some of the things that made me exceptionally happy this week.






Guys. This is big news. Pitch Perfect. The trailer for it. It’s out. Right now. I am. Excited. True story: I keep a flash drive of the first Pitch Perfect movie in my purse at all times, just in case. New cast members. Did you notice? May 15. I’m so ready. Are you ready?


  • Pink Shoelaces


I’m happy to share that I recently became a #SweatPink ambassador, and received these colorful shoelaces in the mail as a welcome gift. 🙂


  • iPod Nano


Apparently they don’t even sell this version (6th generation) of iPod Nano anymore. That’s a shame because I love mine. It’s tiny with a touch screen and easily clips onto my waistband which makes it perfect for a hands-free run. Some of my long-time Instagram followers might remember the time I completely ate it on a run. Clearly, I need as few distractions while running as possible.


  • Transitioning to our cooler weather duvet

112114 winter duvet

I love our duvet and its super soft jersey cover. it makes our bed feel like a giant cloud that I never want to leave.


  • Selling stuff on Ebay


112114 packages2

With Andrew’s help, I’ve gradually been selling my old electronics on Ebay. I’m continuously shocked by how much people are willing to pay for old stuff. I got close to $200 for an old iPod that I haven’t even used in years! It makes me want to clean out all of our closets just to see what else I can sell. It’s also good present-wrapping practice.


111814 pumpkin soup closeup

Andrew and I have been eating leftover Curried Pumpkin + Red Lentil soup & Butternut Squash + White Bean soup all week. And we still have a full freezer supply. Soup, you’re great.


  • This INSANE jump rope video. Holy cow. A must watch.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my #FridayFavorites. You can check out what others are loving this Friday on Heather’s site, Housewife Glamour. I’d love to hear from you: What food, animal, movie, workout, song, book, website, shoes made you unapologetically happy this week? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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