Fun in San Francisco – Disney Museum & Ferry Building

Happy Friday!

What’s new? What’s good? What are we celebrating? Soon I’ll be celebrating a much needed reunion with my husband!

Today’s post is coming a little later than usual. As I type this, I’m sitting at the Oakland airport getting ready to jump on a plane back to LA. I thought I’d share a recap of yesterday’s adventures while I wait for my plane to arrive.

SF Disney Museum


After a quick breakfast of leftover kale salad with a couple fried eggs on top, my parents and I ventured into San Francisco where we planned to spend the day. It was such a gorgeous day in the city!

110714 bridgeFirst stop: the Walt Disney Family Museum. It’s an entire museum dedicated to the life and family of Walt Disney.

110714 museum

As we were gearing up with some coffee at the cafe before heading in, we estimated it would probably take us about an hour or so to make our way through the museum.

110714 cafe

Wellll…. two and a half hours later, we emerged on the other side. We completely lost track of time.

meWalt really was a creative genius. And such a normal, hard-working guy. I was surprised to learn he wasn’t immediately successful, either. He even declared bankruptcy at one point. Of course he went on to achieve so much it’s insane.

110714 dis

Overall, I thought the museum was fabulous: jam packed with information, artifacts, and rare video footage. My dad did some research when we got home and found out that the Disney Museum is located in the Bay Area – and not in Southern California where Walt lived – due to the fact that Walt’s eldest daughter (he had two, the younger one was adopted) and her husband lived in Napa Valley and apparently it was she who contributed a majority of the family records, photos, and anecdotes that fill the museum today.

110714 bathroom

In case you’re curious, here’s a picture of the restrooms.

Lunch at the Ferry Building

110714 ferry crop

By the time we had finished at the museum, we were starving. The San Francisco ferry building has massive farmers markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, so I was hoping we’d be able to check that out yesterday and grab some lunch there. Unfortunately, we missed the market, but still had a good time wandering through the building.

110714 ferry building

We stopped for lunch at Open Table, where I got a grilled chicken salad with market grapes. Interesting combo… It was okay. What was impressive, however, was the massive pumpkin out on their patio. It came in second place in the SF Pumpkin Competition this year at a svelte 19,555 pounds. The winner weighed just over 20,000. So close!

110714 pump

We didn’t get home from the city until around 6, but I had plans to hang out and have dinner with my brother in Oakland, so I turned right around and hit the road.

Bonding with the Brother

110714 hoster

Watching my brother prepare an elaborate meal, I realized how similar we are. He and I have the same go to hors d’oeuvres: cheese and a baguette, we’re both big on a neat ‘mise en place’ – that’s chef-speak for a clean and organized work space, we both clean as we go, and we’re both very good at timing separate components of the meal so that everything is done at the same time. But neither of us is very good at carrying on a conversation while doing so. I had to laugh as he’d restart the same story over and over again… “Where was I? oh yeah! So then…” because I know I’m guilty of the same thing.


Dinner was great though. He grilled a tri-tip steak and made caramelized onions and mashed potatoes to go with it. Salad on the side. Great food, great company, great catch up. Love my brother.


This morning, my mom and I walked the Lafayette Reservoir one last time. We were up early and the trail was empty, with the exception of wildlife (it’s hilarious, there are wild turkeys running all around at the reservoir – don’t they know Thanksgiving is in like three weeks??).

110714 trail

It was such a nice walk. I always like to get in some exercise before sitting on a plane, even if only for an hour. 🙂

After showering and packing up, I couldn’t resist some cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Must have been when I still lived at home… what, 10 years ago??

110714 breakfast

Pretty soon, it was time to hit the road. Bye Traveler!

110714 travy

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. OH MAN I can’t wait to see my Andrew!

Talk to you guys next week 🙂



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