Thanksgiving Dinner Inspired Weeknight Meals

Good morning, what’s  new, what’s good? I hope you had fun, productive weekends all around! Here’s a quick recap mine.


111714 saturday

[Clockwise: Saturday morning gym session, breakfast scramble of champions, the woodman whistling whilst he works, post-Sugarfish shared desserts after Jeff (Andrew’s brother)’s birthday dinner]


Because I just discovered the collage tool in PicMonkey AND because it was my first time to Bottega Louie and it blew my socks off, an expanded ode to Saturday’s dessert+drinks.

111714 Botega Louie



111714 Sunday

[Clockwise: Swedish (fish) pancakes + persimmons for Sunday brunch, major signage @ the farmers’ market, $20 (to the penny) worth of produce from said market, turkey burgers + kale salad for a lovely Sunday dinner]


And now to what’s really on my mind…


It’s never to early to start thinking about Thanksgiving (dinner).


Yesterday morning, as I was sitting down to make this week’s meal plan, I clicked over to Food52 and saw that they’ve already got their Guide to Thanksgiving up.

As a non-believer in the premature explosion of Christmas decorations, I am of the “It’s never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner” camp. A full day that people devote to creating and celebrating real, whole foods is something I fully endorse.

111714 Meal Plan

We are still a couple weeks out from the real meal, so this week’s meal plan is just going to start getting us in the mood for Thanksgiving. Here’s what’s on tap:



SUNDAYTurkey burgers w/ kale salad (shredded kale, dried cranberries, red onion, sliced almonds, cubed cheddar)


MONDAY – Curried pumpkin + red lentil soup w/ leftover salad

TUESDAY – Leftover burgers + leftover soup

WEDNESDAY – Fresh green bean casserole

THURSDAY – Leftovers

FRIDAYWing it (Get it?? Wing it? Birds? Thanksgiving!)


Speaking of Thanksgiving… I should hate everything about this: Soda + Vons (don’t get me started) + Consumerismization of Thanksgiving

111714 vons turkey

But I kinda like it. Have a great week!




Kudos to Food52 for some serious Thanksgiving food inspiration. I highly recommend checking out their Guide to Thanksgiving.




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