[Weekend Recap] Halloween in the Desert

Good morning!

I hope you all had fun and safe Halloween celebrations. Andrew and I skipped town to avoid the craziness that LA turns into this time of year. We spent a relaxing weekend in La Quinta (AKA where Coachella takes place). Andrew’s parents spend half the year in La Quinta, and when they’re not there (the excruciatingly hot summer months), they graciously allow us to use it as a weekend getaway.

110314 LQ day

Andrew and I always joke about how well we would do living in a retirement community, especially an “active living” community like the one his parents live in. Adjusting to a slower pace of life is easy in La Quinta, and when we do have spurts of motivation, there is a brand new gorgeous gym (with an indoor track and floor-to-ceiling windows) on site, as well as a full golf course, and restaurant.

110314 LQ snack cart


Here’s a typical day for us in La Quinta:

Sleep in, wake up, eat fruit, drink coffee

110314 LQ fruit and coffee

Walk to the gym, workout a little (…or decide that the walk was enough)

110314 LQ gym

Return home, make an epic breakfast, eat said breakfast outside

110314 LA Brekkie

Whip up a batch of cocktails (sangria in the summer months) to take to the pool, lounge around, read magazines all afternoon


Eventually return home, shower, and prepare dinner on the BBQ

110314 LQ dinner

Take an after dinner stroll around the neighborhood and talk about how lucky we are to be here. Paradise.

110314 LQ day2

It’s always hard to return to city life after a nice weekend in the desert. As I type this, I’m actually getting ready to jump on a plane for another trip. I’m flying up to the Bay Area to spend the week with my family. I rarely get to spend more than a few days with them, so it should be nice to have a full week up there.


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