[Weekend Recap] Santa Monica Bike Ride & My Last Trip to the Mall This Holiday Season

Monday already? I suppose a quick weekend is a sign of a good weekend. And it was a good weekend. It’s so nice to be home. I missed Andrew and lot, aaaaand I missed the Kevins a little bit too.

. . . . . .


111014 fleurs and nasm

Friday afternoon, I arrived home to a bouquet of fall flowers and a much anticipated delivery from NASM (more info on this later). Andrew and I had a lot to catch up on, so we poured some wine and ordered Thai food for dinner.

111014 thai


Saturday morning we broke out our bikes.

111014 bikes

We decided to head north into Santa Monica, stopping first at Dogtown Coffee on Main Street and then heading into the heart of the Santa Monica Promenade.

111014 dogtown

It’s early November, and yet the presence of Christmas is EVERYWHERE. Christmas sales, Christmas music, Christmas giraffes and ladybug trees. It’s all up already.

111014 giraffe christmas

I know this happens every year, but I’m putting my foot down. I refuse to acknowledge the “Christmas season” until AT LEAST December. Thanksgiving never gets any retail love. And of all the holidays, I’d argue it’s the one worth celebrating the most.

111014 grumpy cat

[End rant.]

111014 urth

On our way home, we stopped into Urth Cafe. I LOVE their oatmeal raisin cookies. They’re vegan and gluten free, but that’s completely beside the point. These are my favorite oatmeal cookies (other than my own) in the city. I know I can’t do them justice, but the raisins are basically caramelized to the point of being crispy… so so good. And big enough to share.

111014 urth cookie


After a week away, we had an empty fridge to fill. To the farmers’ market!

111014 farmers loot

That salmon in the bottom right corner and those two ears of corn up top became the beautiful meal below.

111014 dinner

Due to an unforeseen situation with the BBQ (mysterious propane shortage), we ended up roasting the salmon and corn together in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes. Both were prepared exactly the way they would have been for the grill (salmon marinated in Soy Vey, cooked skin-side down & corn seasoned, then rolled tightly in foil).

. . . . . .

That about brings us up to the present. I’m looking forward to a normal Monday, a productive week, and experimenting with persimmons! Any suggestions??


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