What I Ate Wednesday #17: There’s No Place Like Home

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, so far. I’m happy to be spending the week up in the Bay Area with my family and it’s true, there really is no place like home.

Right, Traveler?

110514 Trav

It can be tough to stick to my healthy lifestyle while home with my family. Having everyone together seems to rapidly turn into an excuse for a party. Cue the wine, appetizers, dessert, more wine…

My time here is so limited, I’m not about to be a stickler on healthy eating. I’m devoting all of my energy to spending quality time with my parents and siblings!

What I can do, however, is make sure to find a way to be active every day, and make sure to cram in as many vegetables as possible in addition to whatever else I end up eating throughout the day.

With all of that said, here’s a look at every little thing she does is magic I ate yesterday.


8:15am – Half a banana before heading out for a morning walk with my mom…

110514 banana

Whenever I’m home, my mom and I walk the Lafayette Reservoir together. It’s  a little under 3 miles around and is an absolutely beautiful trail. The walk takes us about 45 minutes, but we chat the entire time so it flies by.

110514 Res

9:45am – Quick stop at Starbucks after our walk, where I got my usual: a tall soy latte.

110514 soy latte

11:45am – I had a feeling no one was very interested in the leftover steamed vegetables from last night’s Thai food, so I chopped them up and scrambled them with a couple eggs for breakfast.

110514 veggies

My mom and I spent the day shopping around in Walnut Creek. It’s totally different than it was when I lived here. Build A Bear is gone and Mrs. Fields is no more. In her place are upscale, high-end stores like Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Lululemon, Athleta, Michael Stars, etc, etc, etc. Regardless of what’s there, it’s a beautiful outdoor mall to wander around. Total day, we logged about 6 miles.

After exhausting the shopping scene in Walnut Creek, we stopped into a couple grocery stores on our way home to pick up supplies for dinner.

3:00pm – We split a Quest bar to tide us over while grocery shopping.

110514 granola bar

5:00pm – Cocktail Hour! A glass of wine for me (my first of several) while prepping some Brussels sprouts…

110514 cocktail hour

7:30pm – My dad is the grill master, especially when it comes to salmon. For dinner, we had delicious BBQ’d salmon with a side of roasted balsamic Brussels sprouts w/ bacon & goat cheese.

110514 dinner

My dad has always hated Brussels sprouts but agreed to give them a try last night. The trick for convincing someone that they like Brussels sprouts is always the same: add bacon. It’s a no-brainer, works every time.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a playdate with my two-year-old nephew, Cooper, who happens to be the cutest little guy on the planet. For some hilarious reason, he’s convinced that all of his birthday presents came from me. Let him believe it, I say.

Cheers everyone!


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2 thoughts to “What I Ate Wednesday #17: There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Love your food today, totally feeling Starbucks and their red cups. What is it about changing the color of a disposable mug that makes me want coffee even more? 🙂

    Have fun spending time with family. I definitely need to work on finding balance between healthy and party when it comes to visiting home.

    1. The health/party balance is so hard to find when you’re at home! And I’m with you on the red cups; that’s reason enough right there to drop in for a coffee.

      BTW- I love your blog name and I’m really enjoying your blog, as well 🙂

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