WIAW #19: Kevin & the Super-Tuna Dreamboat

In true Wednesday fashion, today I will be sharing a completely unedited look at everything I ate yesterday.  The point of these WIAW posts is simply to share some snack/meal/drink inspiration and shine a little light into my daily routine. I promise not to edit out any of the booze or candy bars I consume, should I truly consume said vices.


What I Ate Wednesday 11/18/14

8:15am – Bulletproof coffee

111914 bp coffee

Mmmmmmm, coffee.


11:15am – Honey Mustard STRONG & KIND bar

20141118_110555 (2)


To say that I was skeptical would be an understatement, but I was in the middle of a Webinar and needed a low-maintenance snack to fend off the hunger pains until lunch. I didn’t hate it, but there’s definitely a ‘kick’, and it helps that I like honey mustard.


12:30pm – Lunchtime! Tuna salad on top of spinach salad with Opal apple slices on the side.



The Kevins have been saying it all along, but tuna really is a super food. I was not hungry all afternoon… until I was suddenly very hungry at 5:00pm, but for me to go without snacking all afternoon is impressive. Tuna is a great source of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium and iron. It’s also delicious AND dirt cheap.

Tuna-lovers. Ammiright?



I spent several hours hanging out with my NASM textbook after lunch. I’ve been following the NASM study guide, which has me reading the chapters somewhat out of order: Chapter 1, Chapter 20, Chapter 19… and now Chapter 2. Clearly chapters 1, 19 and 20 were the “fluff” material that they present to new students in an effort to ease them in because chapter 2 is a whole new ball game.



5:00pm – A lovely rainbow snack assortment of apples, celery, and carrots with sunflower butter.



7:00pm – Once Andrew got home from work, we decided it felt like a home-workout type of night and passed on the gym. I was due for a leg day, so I did this leg workout using our home set of free weights.

30 minute leg workout


8:45pm – Leftovers for dinner: Turkey burgers and Curried Pumpkin + Red Lentil soup

111914 turkburg

Full credit to Andrew for these turkey burgers. Happy Wednesday, everyone 🙂



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2 thoughts to “WIAW #19: Kevin & the Super-Tuna Dreamboat”

  1. Awww. Love your eats today. That turkey burger looks so good.

    But more than food, your kitties, the kevins are so cute. I’m surprised you can photograph anything else. 🙂

    1. It truly is tough! They’re my biggest distraction by far. They crack me up constantly. I’m glad to hear you’re not sick of seeing them!

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